Elite Dangerous : Clash Of Clans!

Factions and GroupsLave Radio would like to hold a round table discussion on the topic of groups / clans / guilds / organisations in Elite Dangerous

If you are a spokesperson for a group and are happy to join us to record for about and hour then please contact us via the comments below or email info@laveradio.com




  1. Hello,
    I am ShadowGar of Emperor’s Grace.
    I was notified of this event and asked by my members if I would participate. I am willing to participate. This sounds like a great event. Please contact me through my email. Thank you

  2. Chaps,

    It’s Goose4291 here, and as the VCB’s chap, I’m more than happy to take part. Give me a shout either by email or your skype channel.

  3. Cmdr Judoh from Emperor’s Grace, Lead CMDR of the QRF Wing,I would be pleased to join if you will have me.

  4. Hi,

    I am from the Mercs of Mikunn. We will discuss this internally and get back to you asap. We will figure out who will be our representative.


  5. Elite PvE organisation will be there.

  6. Hi there,

    LiquidCatnip of the East India Company. We would love to send a delegate to your conclave.

    I would personally love to attend but my freakish timezone of GMT+9:30 may possible prevent that so I can send one of my other co-leads depending on who is available at the time.

    Hope you can make room for us. 🙂

  7. Great folks
    Thanks for the interest guys, Please could you add fozza101 to your skype contacts if you havn’t got me already and we can figure out a date to do this.

  8. CMDR Barefoot Bandit

    We at PCI of Pand (formerly Friends of Pand) will also discuss this and nominate a representative to attend, galactic time differences aside…

  9. I’ve sent an e-mail. I represent Goon Squadron, Frog Patrol, and the Big Harry Boys. Looking forward to seeing/hearing more.

  10. Once again folks please add fozza101 to skype so I can organise timings etc

  11. Va’savis Sedu here, I would like to attend this round table discussion. Elite Bounty Hunters is a Network for all Bounty Hunter Guilds, and Mercenary Groups.

  12. Is Fozza (2nd tech) you? I can’t seem to find a “fozza101” on skype.

  13. Ok Folks I will send out a link to you all via skype chat please look at the link and responds asap so that we can get this underway.

    I will also include the brief show notes so you have an idea of what to expect. If you don’t get the link then please prompt me at fozza101


    2nd Tech

  14. I’m Captain Anopheles of The Code and I would like my crew to be represented.

  15. Hey Folks, I have been swamped by requests to join the conversation which is great. However in order to keep track ofeverybody and makes sure I don’t miss anybody please send me an email at info@laveradio.com stating who you are and who represent and you availability for the following times

    Sunday 8th March 20:30 GMT
    Sunday 15th March 20:30 GMT
    Sunday 22nd March 20:30 GMT

    Many Thanks

    Fozza and Lisa

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