The Conclave Episode 6 – Clash of Clans Part 1

Conclave CoverThe first in a series of Conclaves where we discuss the current state of group play in Elite: Dangerous and the ramifications of the larger Meta gaming aspect of the ED Universe.

Fozza and Lisa sit down with James Griffin of Big Harry’s Boys, ShadowGar of Emperors Grace, JP of the Pirate group The Code and Ian Honcharenko from the Arma3 group VolcSpac.


Does it currently work? What would we like to change? What would we love to see in the future?

Thanks for the guys for giving up their time to take part, enjoy the show.

Clash of Clans1

Download the episode directly from here.


  1. No EIC as part of the guest panel is a touch disappointing.

    • Save your disappointment, this is just the first episode in the Clash of Clans series. EIC are already organised to appear . Hope you enjoy the show

      • Good to hear! 😀

        Haven’t finished listening yet, catching bursts between shows at work. (Local TV) So far it’s been pretty great, enjoying the production value. (Helped develop the beginnings of what became “Internet Radio” in the current day in age.)

        Keep up the good work.

  2. Lol, the goons think they’re the largest forum on the internet. God bless you egotistical nerds.

  3. What I’d like to see in the game is a war between the Federation and the Empire, with conflict zones and war zones, and if you strayed into enemy space you’d be automatically wanted. What is the purpose of factions if they don’t oppose each other?
    On the topic on solo mode vs open play I guess I could support a 24 hour cool down for switching, no cd on going to open though, only from open to solo/private. I am also hoping for larger corps with a sort of government that could direct different wings and give them specific targets/missions, an expansion on the wings system.

  4. Enjoyable episode as always – thanks – I look forward to every episode – great car journey listening!

    In the interest of balance – any thoughts on doing a session on solo players and what they would like out of the game?

  5. I nominate the staff members of TFGE (The First Great Expedition) (E.g. Steve W.) for a future session. Definately a different take on clans as oposed to fighting over jurisdiction of a certain area and more focussed on cooperative exploration.

    • The FGE were contacted but nobody has come back to us. We were interested in getting their view too. Give them a nudge

  6. The Code will not kill you if you drop cargo?1? Ha! Look up there youtube vids, I myself was killed and I dont have cargo racks. Never trust a dirty pirate

  7. Firstly, great idea for a show and good to see leadership from different groups generally agreeing about issues surrounding the game.

    Surely with a galaxy of 4billion systems, allowing player ownership of stations would instantly remove any semblance of there being an “end game”. Stations aren’t really much more than extremely large ships anyway. Definite potential for a future paid expansion! In fact, probably limitless potential for new paid expansions whenever a new station design is complete; who would be satisfied owning an outpost when they could own the latest, greatest station?

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