Lave Radio Episode 149

The Ballad of Elite Meet

Aired 28 March 2017
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Crew Members
Head of health and safety : Ben Moss-Woodward – Cmdr Eid LeWeise
Head of Entertainment : Chris Jarvis – Cmdr Thane
Chief Archivist : Colin Ford – Cmdr phoenix_dfire

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Lave Radio Episode 147

Isn’t it just a simple switch?

Aired 21 March 2017
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Crew Members
Head of health and safety : Ben Moss-Woodward – Cmdr Eid LeWeise
2nd Technician : Chris Forrester – Cmdr Fozza
Head of Entertainment : Chris Jarvis – Cmdr Thane
Chief Bar Steward : Grant Woolcott – Cmdr Psykokow
Guest Commander : Cmdr Paine

Show Notes

Frontier 2.3 Beta Q&A Live Stream 21st March 2017 Notes

Ed Lewis and Sandro Sammarco (Blandro No Remmarco) talk to us about the 2.3 Beta!


Side note: Ed wants to re-affirm to us that FD love being as transparent as possible, but can we PLEASE understand that anything can change as development progresses.

  • Ed will be forcing Sandy to have water and Custard Cream Breaks
  • Usual Caveats and apologies if Sandy says don’t know / can’t comment etc
  • Any chance for text only name plate
    • Yes but there are no free ones
    • Also the only way you can see someone else’s ship name
  • Store only name plates
    • Store Only at the moment
  • Will call signs change
    • No ETA / No Guarentee
  • Can we block from main menu?
    • Nothing has chaged as far as Sandy knows
  • Any discussions about comms panel colours?
    • Yes colours are changing – it’s in 2.4
  • Will there be an option to hide the hud automatically in debug cam
    • Maybe as an option
  • Will the planets cam be increased > 250 m
    • Sadly not it’s technical
  • Can we remove the Bounding box and have a normal mesh
    • Sadly not at the moment
  • Can we store cam positions
    • Not impossible but not yet
  • Why was hyperspace debug cam removed
    • It wasn’t meant to be in the 1st pace and it’s easy to mess things up 🙁
  • Why Dockable Megaships
    • Markets, Mission, Population, stepping stones to a brighter future!
  • Can we dock on Capital Ships?
    • Might not happen because of scale, but might have Future idea
  • Can mega ships be atacked
    • atm they are invulnerable but “more in the future”
  • How important are mega ships?
    • very
  • Will there be ice asteroid bases?
    • Nothign to announce at the moment
  • Different kind of asteroid bases
    • Nothign to announce at the moment
  • What is for 1.8
    • Ships names
    • missions
    • mega ships
    • asteroid bases
    • ship balancing
    • cam suite
  • Helm control in multicrew?
    • At the moment no. there are tech issues regarding ship ownership and at the moment mc is focussed on Drop in Drop out. Maybe more things for crew to do at a later date.
  • Will there by improvemnts to disconnects
    • Yes it’s an ongoing process and FD are working away hard on it.
  • More GFX downgrades as part of 2.3?
    • REALLY????
  • What BGS changes in 2.3?
    • it’s being looked at balancing pass
    • They are serverside so can be done ad-hoc
  • How will mining work without a gunner? Can we link to scanners
    • Can be locked to forward
  • Was the spoiler distress call MEANT to be in beta
    • “no comment”
  • why are new cqc assets in 2.3 withotu gameplay
    • there is gameplay but just represent a building block
  • Better outfitting / Shipyard to Colonia
    • it is being investigated
  • Why is nav data not being retroactivly applied
    • Tech reasons – sorry 🙁
  • Will we get space whales? (IJ Reilly)
    • Sandy would love them but no comment at the moment!
  • Where is the dredger?
    • Not going to tell you
  • PS4 will be in lockstep with PC version
  • More hairstyles?
    • Maybe but no comment
  • PS4 release date?
    • Q2 this year but that’s it
  • Are FD angry that the location’s been found
    • Does sandy look angry?
  • Faster SRVs?
    • Do we want to hit things and do more dmg when hitting a pebble 😀
  • Harder SLF?
    • They are meant to be glass cannons
  • Cannisters spawn further from USS to avoid crunching into them on drop down
    • Maybe
  • Can NPCs be made harder?
    • FD are looking at ideas
  • Full share of Bounties vs lone wolf?
    • FD are aiming for more group play this is one way to encourage it (sorry)
  • Why does the Python have a higher masslock factor than a t9?
    • Bug needs rebalanced
  • Can we reduce hull repair costs?
    • no. large ships can make money much easier. this is one way they balance it at the moment
  • Will collonia have crash sites in game
    • Soon tm
  • Fix for keyboard / mouse flight not movign hand
    • it’s in the list but low priority
  • Can we add Caseopia A
    • Sandy doesn’t know sry
  • Will Ram Tah’s scanner tech be extended for more features?
    • Mayyyybe nothign to announce
  • Will star colours be updated for more data?
    • FD DO take temp in to account and try to balance between asthetics and science (listen to stream technical)
  • Can scan visited be written to journal
    • Maybe later nice idea
  • Summary about organic structure types?
    • Noooo
  • Are fungal trees and other things tied to guardians
    • Steve says “no comment”
  • FSD range tweaking?
    • Not at the moment fd are happy
  • More complex routes? I.E. waypoints?
    • Nothing at the moment and good idea but hard
  • Auto update of route after fsd boost
    • Maybe but nothing at tge moment
  • Faster SC travel?
    • Nothing at the moment
  • Future galaxies i.e. Andromeda?
    • Let’s stick the milky way for now
  • Combined Surface / Detail scanner?
    • Maybe in future
  • Comets / Acretion disks / Meteors
    • Love it no comment
  • Orary Map
    • No comment
  • Jumping between stars in system
    • FD haven’t come to a decision
  • Multiple lightsources?
    • No comment at the moment
  • FD don’t like the idea of downranking players
  • will there be a trailer competion?
    • Sandy would love to see one?
  • Can more things be moved to frontend shader?
    • maybe
  • Can we get > ultra?
    • Not sure
  • motion controller tech?
    • No comment
  • Virtual Keyboard
    • non trivial
  • Does Cobra take advantage of multicore
    • yes it does
  • improvments for vive
    • dunno
  • console / pc crossplay?
    • cool concept and fd would love it but political and hard
  • VR updates?
    • Sandy doesn’t know
  • GPU Tessalation for planet gfx?
    • Sandy hasn’t got a clue!
  • Mouse options and updates
    • Don’t know
  • Will min specs increase with 3
    • Dunno but might but dont want to
  • PS4 shareplay?
    • Dunno too early
  • Differences between PS4 and PS4 Pro
    • Sandy is wrong person to ask 🙁
  • C0bra 4 for PS4?
    • Don’t know sorry
  • book mark tourest beacons?
    • good idea
  • Dropable beacons?
    • Want it but later
  • Improvement to bookmark organisation
    • Wants to say yes but can’t @ the moment
  • Links between BGS and powers
    • Dont know
  • NPC will be improved
  • Voice to Text NPC messages?
    • it’s extensive and awesome but no plans
  • Would life adapt over a planet
    • Maybe but please rem this is a game?!
  • T1 NPCs?
    • No comment at the moment
  • Can groups attract mega ships
    • It’s being discussed
  • Will there be a tutorial to the BGS?
    • FD will be sending emails out to new players sayign welcome and providing resources to folks but want to work on accessibility
  • Missions can now branch
  • Juicy missions that require maybe a smaller ship?
    • Nothing at the moment
  • Can Colonia have a CG slot?
    • As Colonia is expanding more things will come out.
    • Something coming in April according to Steve Kirby
  • Any plans for FMV in missions?
    • No
  • Do fines affect missions?
    • No
  • Plans to do quick outfits?
    • No at the moment?
  • Extend docking comp?
    • No
  • We may get more ‘specialist’ slots but no ETA no Guarentee
  • Heat Sync and Limpets etc synthasys
    • Sandy wants it
  • Plasma Accell balanced?
    • It all depends on everything, sandy goes into a  lot of details. Large shields are still effective but 6 boosters will not be ‘god mode’. Please test and game test!
  • Why no small Plasma Accel?
    • FD don’t want them everywhere
  • Have cap weapons been balanced
    • no need to be
  • Can we have roles for wings?
    • Maybe, cool idea
  • Can we land on atmspher / lave b4 s3
    • no comment
  • Engineer to reduce RNG?
    • Doesn’t want to rule it out
    • thinks rng is in for a reason
    • maybe changes later
  • Mining laser engineer?
    • maybe later
  • Balance Cascade Rail
    • Want to look at it but later watch this space
  • Panther Clipper?
    • ??? 🙂
  • No comments on future updates
  • Patches between 2.3 and 2.4
    • maybe no comment
  • Why can’t we view blueprints remotely?
    • Sadly tech reasons Sandy wants to though
  • 2.4 non combat related
    • Can’t comfirm or deny nothing
  • Ship Transfer times / cost changes?
    • No fd are happy for now
  • Radio in ED
    • Cool but no
  • MultiCrew a ship when we can walk?
    • ???
  • Areas for heavily engineered ships?
    • Yes fd want to make harder places
  • Will we get a ‘hard mode’
    • FD want to make cool challenges for ppl
  • Ironman mode?
    • no plans at the moment.
  • More char names?
    • Sandy would like it
  • More Cerylic chars
    • Sandy would like that too
  • Gold conda back for sale? (and for all other limited things)
    • If FD say it was one off it will be one off. FD are trying to now say things are NOT a one off but have said in the past
  • Windscreen smudges?
    • It’s to make things feel cinematic apparntly but will ask Chris Gregory
  • New ship interiors?
    • It’s a lot of work?
  • Pack for One Colour for all ships?
    • FD know ppl want it
  • Sandy wants repair limpets
  • What is Sandy’s favourite colour?
    • Yellow!!! NO Blue 🙂

Lave Radio Episode 145

The Holo-Chains that Mission you

Aired 7 March 2017
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Crew Members
Head of health and safety : Ben Moss-Woodward – Cmdr Eid LeWeise
Head of Entertainment : Chris Jarvis – Cmdr Thane
Chief Archivist : Colin Ford – Cmdr phoenix_dfire
Chief Bar Steward : Grant Woolcott – Cmdr Psykokow

Show Notes

2.3 The Commanders Beta Livestreams

Ed Lewis and Eddie Symons show us some in-game footage from 2.3 The Commanders.     Stream Notes 16th February – Multicrew Are we looking forward for Multicrew yet? Stream is live.. Sandro Sammarco, Ed, Sr Designer Barry Clark and Adam Woods 8400 ppl! Old School Beta – FD…

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Lave Radio Episode 141

Space Pixies Pulling My Pixels, rent your Pot Crewdle here!

Aired 31 January 2017
Audio versions

Download the episode directly from here.

Crew Members
Warrant Officer : Andre Marshall – Cmdr M.A.R.S.H.A.L.L.
Head of health and safety : Ben Moss-Woodward – Cmdr Eid LeWeise
Chief Archivist : Colin Ford – Cmdr phoenix_dfire
Chief Bar Steward : Grant Woolcott – Cmdr Psykokow

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