Trading and Sponsorship

Lavecon 2016 sponsored by EDTracker

16/17th July, Sedgebrook Hall Hotel, Northants, UK

We would like a variety of activities and things for people to do, try or buy, we would be delighted if your company, game, book or kickstarter would like to get involved and be promoted as part of our event.

We have different levels of sponsorship depending on what is right for you and your business.  We also offer a discounted rate on food/hotel room options in addition to this.


Package Details





Your name used in our promotional activities/social media/website/podcasts as “Lavecon 2016  sponsored by xxx”.  A recorded advert on Lave Radio podcast, logo and link on website, logo on the front of the table in the Lavecon main room, front desk and around the venue, time slot in main room to promote your business or product, 2 attendees at the event and table to sell/promote if desired.  We can also include information about your business or product in our VIP pack for Platinum attendees. 


This is a unique opportunity and we
will only be accepting one Sponsor at this level. 


Your name used in our promotional
activities/social media/website/podcasts Recorded advert on Lave Radio podcast, logo and link on website, 2 attendees at the event and table to sell/promote if desired. 





Logo and link on website and promotion via Lave Radio podcast, table to sell/promote, up to 2 people attending the event. 




Table to sell/promote, link on website,
up to 2 people attending the event




Table to promote/sell, link on website. 

£20 per person attending

Charity/ social enterprise/non
commercial/sole trader only

If you are interested please get in touch via

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