Lave Radio Plays the Elite Dangerous RPG – Incident at Baijangu, Episode 2

Album art for Lave Radio RPG

Part Two of the Lave Radio Adventure.

Out now for your listening pleasure, part two of our adventure within EDRPG, a new tabletop roleplaying system based on Elite Dangerous. This is the second part of a story which plays over three episodes and will end with a special finale episode at Lavecon 2017. You can hear the first part here.

In episode two of INCIDENT AT BAIJANGU, Cmdrs Psykokow, Eid LeWeise, Elias Thane and 2nd Tech Fozza have been sent to a mining facility overrun by mercenaries and strange creatures. When we left them, the team had been ambushed by a pair of shooters. Will they survive? What else awaits?

Download the episode directly from here.

Chris Jarvis

Chris Jarvis is an audio drama producer and writer. He resides at The Radio Theatre Workshop, producing five of the official Elite: Dangerous books as audio fiction, as well as the unofficial series Escape Velocity. He is one of the hosts of the Lave Radio podcast, the best Elite: Dangerous unofficial podcast. In the past he has written for gaming websites and other publications as a freelance journalist.

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