Lave Radio Episode 61 – There be Aliennnnsssss so there be!

Lave Radio

2nd Tech Fozza takes us through some exciting developments in the game Elite: Dangerous and some moving events from the amazing community surrounding it.

Download the episode directly from here.


  1. Thanks for the new episode!. unfortunately I am having some audio issues with this episode every couple of minutes.

    e.g at 18:15 and 20:45 the last second is being repeated. (Also happens earlier in the podcast a couple of times)

    • Ben Moss-Woodward

      Hi there, I believe that Grant caught those issues after the episode was uploaded. They should have been fixed now, although you will need to delete the episode locally and download it again. Ben

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  3. Hey there,
    I’m new into the Elite Universe and therefor discovered your station / show only very recently.. Last night i choose to mute the in game music and listen to your show instead.. Best thing i could do as i learn a bit about the Universe, but even more important, it added sooo much to immersion, specially when you play those advertisements etc.. I’m absolutely loving it!! Hence i decided to at least let you know… Sorry if i made you read all that text for “old news”, but i had to show some space-love!

  4. I may be crazy trying to circumnavigate…. Admittedly I am only 1/16th the way around 😛

    C≈1.63×105 ly isnt very much is it?

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