Lave Radio Episode 55 – Lavian Kerrashing

Lave Radio

Kerrash jumps into the pilot’s seat of the Orange Sidewinder and Lave gets mobbed by distracting Commanders as we attempt to talk about the latest development news, Newsletter and the state of the war in Lugh. We have even got some bloopers for you good folks!

Download the episode directly from here.


  1. One suggestion for distinguishing between pirates and griefers would be to show an individual’s “interdiction rating” when being interdicted by them. This rating would simply show the number of interdictions they have permformed, and the number of interdictions that have ended in murder.

    As such you’d be far more willing to deal with a 100/2 individual interdicting you, than a 20/19 individual!

  2. Interesting idea Neil, although that information isn’t available in any other scan and would surely be ‘gaming’ the experience? The term ‘griefer’ is pretty difficult to define in consensus as most people seem to think it means an awful lot of different things.

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