Lave Radio Episode 486 “SCO, ARX us about pre-built ships” – 07/05/2024

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Tech Primate in TrainingChris Mk VLittleBigYin
Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardEid LeWeise
Staff Liaison OfficerClare GoodPsykit
Chief ArchivistColin FordPhoenix_Dfire
Tech MonkeyNorman MacArthurVentura_

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Development News – what have the devs said this week?

  1. Update 18.04
  2. Hike in Game Store Prices
  3. New Official Ship Database – Elite Star ships

Community news – what is the community up to??

  1. Buckyball Results for the Sulu’s The Sidewinder Trophy :- 

    1. Sidewinder Results

    2. Regulation Cobra

  2. Lots of reactions to the price changes on the stores.

  3. Elite Dangerous: Powerplay 2.0– Silly powerplay vid from the High Wake

  4. Quite a few vids around talking about the Python Mk II

In-Game Events – what’s happened this week?

  1. 3rd May Ship manufacturers must “rise to the challenge” of Supercruise Overcharge
    “I haven’t seen such a single-minded focus from ship manufacturers for a long time. They’re all clawing to be first to market with a ship that can alleviate Overcharge stress, and it’s not long before one of them really does rise to the challenge.” (In game explantation for the intro of the Python MK2)
  2. 7th May Python Mk II Released: Faulcon DeLacy announces collaboration with Achilles Aerospace – Elite Dangerous
    The first ever ship built entirely around Achilles’ new Frame Shift Drive has released today, the Python Mk II. Marketing materials are pushing the tagline: “Built for Supercruise Overcharge”. Faulcon DeLacy, the widely respected manufacturer behind this new ship, released a statement this morning:
    1. “The original Python is an incredibly versatile ship, serving countless pilots in countless roles around the universe. For the Mk II, we wanted to create something more specialised and focused, and so we are coming to market with a ship that truly excels in battle conditions… but that’s not all.”
    2. “Thanks to a fruitful collaboration with our friends at Achilles Aerospace, the Python Mk II has been designed from the ground up to better handle their new Frame Shift Drive.”
    3. “It has improved heat management, better handling, reduced fuel consumption, and even better acceleration and deceleration capacity.”
    4. “With the Python Mk II, we are breaking almost every speed record humanity has set. This is truly the flagship of a new era, and we cannot wait for you to try it.”
    5. Faulcon DeLacy famously has a well-established relationship with the other main manufacturer of Frame Shift Drives, Sirius Corporation. Vox Galactica reached out for a comment on this announcement, but Sirius rejected the request.
  3. Thargoid War (Kind of taken a back seat!)
    1. 39 Alerts, 3 defended so far
    2. 10 Invasions, 5 defeated so far
    3. 634 Controlled systems (with 10 cleared so far this week).
    4. 5 Titans left (Hadad has 33 control systems left).
    5. 23 systems are in recovery.

Store Alert

  1. Python Mk II Stellar – 33000 ARX
    1. Strike fear into your enemies with the Stellar edition of the Python Mk II – built ready for immediate combat encounters with a killer look.
    2. Python Mk II Ship
    3. High-Spec A-rated combat build
    4. Venom Claret Paint Job
    5. Strike Ship Kit
    6. Python Mk II Shipyard Unlock
  2. Python Mk II Standard – 16250 ARX
    Remember that the Python MkII is in paid early access via microtransaction for 3 months. After that, anyone can buy it with in-game credits.
    1. Python Mk II Ship
    2. Python Mk II Shipyard Unlock
  3. Laser Mining Jumpstart Type-6 – 25500 ARX
    1. Begin your road to riches with this pre-built Type-6.
    2. Type-6 Transporter Ship
    3. Specialised laser-mining loadout
    4. 2 Pre-Engineered Mining Lasers for increased efficiency
    5. Salvage White Paint Job
    6. 12-Piece Ship Kit
  4. Exploration Jumpstart Diamondback Explorer – 25500 ARX
    1. Venture further into the vastness of space with this pre-built Diamondback Explorer.
    2. Diamondback Explorer Ship
    3. Specialised long-range space exploration loadout
    4. Guardian Frame Shift Drive Booster
    5. Polarity Yellow Paint Job
    6. 12-Piece Ship Kit
  5. AX Combat Jumpstart Alliance Chieftain – 25500 ARX
    1. Bring the pain to the Thargoids with this pre-built Alliance Chieftain – ideal for engaging with Titans and other Anti-Xeno activities.
    2. Alliance Chieftain Ship
    3. Specialised AX Combat Loadout
    4. 2 Guardian Gauss Cannons with full resistance to the Anti-Guardian field
    5. Stygian Green Paint Job
    6. 12-Piece Ship Kit
  6. The Python Mk II also gets some paint jobs all for 6000 ARX
    1. Python Mk II Venom Electro
    2. Python Mk II – « Venom » – Zeste
    3. Python Mk II Venom Ember


  1. QOTW – How are you planning to use the python mk II if you plan on buying it at all?
    1. Kaytianna
      No, but I heard you had a lot of replies so wanted to be included…
    2. Epaphus
      New ships shouldn’t be behind a paywall, even temporarily.
      I won’t be getting the Python Mk II early unlock as it’s going down a path I can’t support.
      It’s a step towards predatory monetisation seen in other games and I don’t want to see that in Elite.
      Seeing CMDRs flying and posting screenshots of Python Mk II is already triggering FOMO and making me feel pressured to get it now rather than waiting until August, which is reinforcing my previous point. I’m happy to continue supporting Frontier via cosmetics, however paywalled in-game ships is a hardFrank EightySeven
      I’ll wait until I hear other folks’ views before I splash out on it… And my reason why? Because it’s money. I might need it to buy some kilowatt-hours, or some oats
    3. Mechagenide
      I’m very tempted. If it’s unique ability is the 5a SCO FSD, I think I can make an amazing High Grade Emissions gathering ship.
    4. CMDR Greybeard Seawolf
      Yup planning on getting the Pre-built version but want to build my own from scratch at some stage
    5. CMDR Marcienne Blackwood
      I’ll definitely be buying one as it’s been so long since we had a new ship to the armada, but I’ll size them up on the day to which one suits my needs.
    6. Saphaia
      No. I’m still at Ishum’s Reach in Odyssey, while actively playing in Legacy because SRV shenanigans.
      Aside from that I’m not a fan of those ‘pay to play early’ practices. I like Elite, but this isn’t a method I can support in good conscience, sorry Frontier.
    7. CaptainMD13
      I’ve already had the Arx stockpiled from passive generation and Titan attacks so I can grab the stock model immediately. Already have a Titan attacker build (4 Large old Shard Cannons) and lots of the gear is already modded and waiting for her.
    8. Dale (OneEyedGamer)
      Flying through space until I work out what role suits it best.
    9. HappyMoonMonkey (and CMDR KronenBrg agrees!)
      Yes. ARX were topped up last week in anticipation. I’m unsure about the prebuilt pack though. If it has exclusivity on the A class SCO then yes, but I’ll be disappointed that FDev took that direction. If not then I’ll look at the relative value of the ship kit and paint job.
      I was disappointed to note on the partner streams that the P2 ship kit only contained 2 options for 3 bits rather than the 4 for 4 that existing ship kits have. And I would like to see what other paint jobs are available. I don’t want to fly the same red python as everyone else!
    10. ImJCyo
      I want it, but I can wait. However, that depends on the prebuilt version. If the AX weapons are good, and it’s well equipped, then the prebuilt version is a day one, though that’s only because I’ve saved ARX from gameplay over time.
    11. Astro Cat
      I’m not going to pay for a new alternative version of an existing ship. If it were a totally new ship, maybe.
    12. TKOfromTokyo
      Having seen what it’s capable of, I will likely buy the stock version. I want to see how effective it is at titan-diving when Hadad becomes ready for attack.
    13. M V Coehoorn
      No, I’m not. Either they guarantee to hire writers or they won’t see a single penny from me.
    14. STAFFSLAD42
      Yes I’ve brought £40 worth of ARX ready for python Mk ll and for the others ships
    15. Vegetto71
      Pre-built, probably the AX build to go AX hunting.
    16. Andy Wallis
      I’m torn. Already have the Arx saved up to unlock it (not interested in pre-built) but do I want to spend them, or just wait? 
    17. CMDR Profane Pagan
      Yes to the prebuilt version as I am supporting the development of new ships and in the past most of the ships were paywalled behind season pass(es) anyway.  However I would prefer this DLC to simply unlock the Python mklI  in-universe, over this “deployment” system.
    18. Gaming Snips and Bits
      I’ll be picking one up – going for the stock model as tinkering with a new ship is one of the best bits of the game.
      Getting it because I like a full hanger, plus I’ll need to do a video review of it at some point. Maybe sooner, maybe later 🙂
    19. Cylus Resi
      Not for me, holding off for the Cobra MK. 4-and-a-half
    20. Gaz Ubermick
      Probably – purely because Frontier’s price changes have made my stockpile of arx somewhat worthless, and would rather spend it on a PMkII when compared to the 25.5k the weird Baymax suit costs?
    21. CMDR Streya
      Both packages seem tempting, especially for something ostensibly meant for combat/PvP; lifetime insurance on the hull and as many A-grade modules as possible definitely sounds good! Will need to weigh my wallet when the time comes.
    22. CMDR Marina Oatmeal
      I’m putting my money where my mouth is and buying the pre-built PM2. I’m curious to see how it performs out of the gate, at least until I turn it into an AX glass cannon- lil concerned about the PP/PD but I’m also wild when it comes to some of my AX builds . We’ll see! 🙂
    23. Ahmet
      2-Stock model. I have 21 billion cr. I can build my own ship
      3-Like Cobra MK4, just be a proud owner.
    24. Legallytired
      The answer is yes.
    25. Fela Kuti
      I will buy one of each of the ships sold by arx. Not that they are wonderful or that I have any intention of using them, but I hope that this way Frontier will start to actually like money and give us even more ships and other new features
    26. Chebswill
      I’m gonna get the stock model and see how it works as a carrier based planetary explorer, the supercruise boost should make it quick to fly out from a planet and on to the next. Also travelling across large systems a breeze so landing on all the planets in a system much quicker. It’s big landing footprint may be a hinderance but we’ll see 
    27. Buxton
      Probably going to get the stock model and see what it’s like for killing thargoid scouts. The number of hardpoints and utility slots should mean it should work ok.
      I’ve got a load of ARX and don’t spend them on cosmetics so I figure why not spend some on the ship. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother to spend actual money to get early access to it. 
    28. DJ Wylie
      Yep I’m getting it and considering going for the pre-build.  Mainly to support fdev but the free rebuys will be nice.  I know their new plans for monetisation havnt gone down well with everyone in the community but I think it’s a good move from them and promising for the future development of the game.
    29. Niceygy
      I can’t say I have much of a use for it, so i’ll wait until august. Seems promising though.
    30. CMDR CX7
      You bet your sweet and sassy voice I’m buying it.  I’m gonna immediately throw a bunch of different builds into it and see what it’s capable of.  I have 7 Pythons and each if them are unique (best ship in the game imo) and I hope the Python 2 has some of the same DNA.


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