Lave Radio Episode 465 “Oops, I’ve done it again” – 07/11/2023

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SRV Banksy Alec Turner Alec Turner 
Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardEid LeWeise
Staff Liaison OfficerClare GoodPsykit
Chief ArchivistColin FordPhoenix_Dfire
Tech GibbonChris Mk IVNewell Turner

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Development News – what have the devs said this week?

  1. Frontier full results. We thought odyssey losses were bad but …
    1. F1 Manager, they have written off £15m
    2. Foundry, they’ve now written off £13m.
    3. Fdev still pulled in £104 million this year, but the write off has led to a £26m pound loss.
    4. On the more positive side, Fdev still are very cash rich. There is the Age of Sigma coming out next week and reading the summary of elite dangerous, they say they’re committed to elite. 
    5. Interesting accounting issue – they wrote off £227k in Odyssey sales due to the LEP owners.

Community news – what is the community up to??

  1. Gates to Eden Expedition

    At EDEN (Elite Deep-Space Exploration Network) their mission is to discover the extraordinary and unearth potential points of interest (POIs). During the Gates to Eden (G2E) expedition they hope to find breathtaking landscapes, encounter Super Systems, do a little in game science, and simply enjoy a wholesome experience with like minded explorers from around the world in this beautiful oasis we all call home.

The Gates to Eden expedition is off to a great start! In just 10 days, the participants have made over 4500 jumps, travelled a total of over 300.000 Ly, scanned almost 25000 celestial bodies, and spent over 21.000 T of fuel. They’ve also fired almost 3000 probes. No commanders have yet died or self-destructed!

They’ve had one community event since leaving the bubble at the guardian ruins within the Àrsaidh Nebula. We had plenty of fun there with lots SRV tricks and stunts as well as SLF shenanigans.
They are also keep track on some internal contests to find the:

  • Smallest body
  • Most exobiology signals on a body
  • Widest ring
  • Fastest orbit
  • Highest steller body count
  • Highest peak

Notable discoveries at this point is Prua Hypa EI-I d10-16 C 1 discovered by Akais, at a radius of 309 km!

Also in regards to fastest orbit,  Akais also has found this rotating coal nugget called Lysood MN-U b44-4 A 1: 0,14439 days (3.5 hours)

  1. Ascorbius’ practical demo on how to lipsync and animate
  2. This is what 1.3 TB and 137 hours looks like in Elite Dangerous Timelapses (ClebyHerris is back with another amazing set of timelapses)
  3. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey – Exploration Montage | Episode 13 by Coeneman02
  4. Elite Dangereuse Adventures
  5. Buckyball final results

In-Game Events – what’s happened this week?


Any other business


  1. Big oopsies in Elite Dangerous
    1. Kaytianna
      I tried to land my AspX Persephone on Persephone. Persephone the moon/planet/orbital body has some gravity, perhaps too much gravity. I was not paying attention (BAU) so the meeting of Persephones was intense and explody. I have not been back since. It’s quite a way out there…
    2. Colin Ford
      One phrase that everyone should be aware of Noob-Hammers. I had no rebuy when my T-6 got smashed by them and back to the sidewinder I went!
    3. ElvisKremmen
      During the Colonia Initiative I got a fine in the bubble before I flew the travel guides out, 10h flying to Jaques and right before the Cmdr at the other end launched I got scanned by Security and blown up. Lost 400T of guides and was back in the bubble to repeat once more.
    4. CMDR Greybeard Seawolf
      Shortly after Odyssey released I engineered my Maverick with Improved Jump Assist. After looting a Settlement I recalled my ship and tried to beat it to the landing pad. I realised posthumously how important timing is when I was crushed by my DBX’s landing gear.
    5. ShadowtheSeer
      Went to Sagittarius A and back in an un-engineered Dolphin and no afmu. Some how made it back with some major malfunctioning happening for the last 4 jumps. Paid for my first Corvette though.
    6. Nopil3os
      decided to visit Sag A for the first time and didn’t think much about the ship to do it with. the ship happened to be an A-rated Vulture. after 1000 jumps you begin to question the usefulness of those two big lasers and lament the fact that you can’t eject them…
    7. TaoPhotoAZ
      During Metabombing, thought i could solo 3 excellent ganker/pvpers to ‘defend’ the home station in 33368. I did not succeed. Multiple rebuy screens.
      They took the time to tell me what i did wrong and even teach me how to fly like them though!
    8. Ken Dobson
      Early in my Elite Dangerous game play bought a T10, outfitted it then flew without enough credits for an insurance rebuy, lesson learned
    9. CMDR Andrew Johnson
      Going to Rackhams Peak and getting shot by system by the station security because of a careless discharge of a weapon! Ended up back in the bubble with a Fleet Carrier stuck at the Peak with loads of Trit in the hold but none in the tank! Lesson learned – always refuel the FC!
    10. CylusResi
      Submitting to a scan in Horizons, totally not realising that a cloned profile will get you shot in the face! Lost a Cobra Mk. IV load of Mugs and Gin, Alvin was not pleased.
    11. Mweeble
      During my first return trip from Colonia, in a slightly engineered Python, I had to step away from the pilot’s chair briefly, which extended into “longer”.
      When I finally returned I was faced with the rebuy screen. I had left my ship at zero throttle (or 30km/s in supercruise).
    12. Thedourscot
      Having already learned the  ‘don’t fly without rebuy’ rule I decided to break it JUST once. Trading my way up to a T9 (my goal at the time) I thought I’d chance it for one last cargo run…it did not end well.
    13. Ian Kenough
      Early doors of ‘Space Legs’, while doing a restore mission, I nearly knocked my coffee on the floor. Grabbed the cup to save it, hit the mouse in the process, causing my Cmdr to aim up at the ceiling and throw a grenade which landed at my feet killing me
    14. Cptclaw
      Did a little murdering, landed at a space station to pay for my crimes thinking I would be fined and ended up in a space prison, left in a bad mood without a fuel scoop and quickly realised how remote it was and ended up stranded without fuel……. Fuelscoops on all ships always!!
    15. Polutropos
      Using a free Epic account got a while back, I was getting a ship ready to help on the Landscape Expedition and after several several hours of exciting gameplay gathering mats and cash,  I saw the warning I was using 3.8 which was no longer being updated…not my best moment
    16. Happy Moon Monkey
      First corvette. A rated it but no engineering and thought it was going to be good in combat. I had enough money for rebuys but at 35m a rebuy it started getting expensive really quickly! I parked it back in the star port for a while until I’d engineered it some more.
    17. LittleBigYin
      Biggest in game mistake would easily be when I bought a ship super early on that the rebuy would make me more broke than Joe Exotic. Yes I promptly got destroyed by a NPC or something so had to go back to a much cheaper ship and start earning cash money. I bought a vulture pre engineering, spent a fortune on it and hated every minute of flying it so sold it and went back to the viper and was much happier. It really put me off the vulture forever
    18. Ben
      Don’t stay in a situation longer than you KNOW you should get out.  I.E. If you’re in a CZ and your hull is at 10% GET OUT OF THERE!
    19. Alec
      I’ve got two. One was getting my SLF locked inside a Thargoid base. The other was giving ALL my fuel to Ed Lewis during a refuelling themed live race … and then having to call the Fuel Rats.
    20. Clare
      Landing on a planet on recommendation of chat without checking the gravity in a paper anaconda about 1500ly from the bubble on one of my first trips out. Big boom.
    21. Martgamer01: Breaking News : Sad Cmdr assumes fetal position when remembering the email distraction that cost them nearly 1Billion credits of exobio data. Gliding into scan some Bacterium Informem. Email comes in. Reads email. Looks up in time to see gravity and stupidity have its way with their ship. Wakes up on carrier with a new paint job so there’s a silver lining. 😭
    22. Dark_karas: I started when LTD mining was meta and bought a python without keeping money for a rebuy, I didn’t make it one trip before I was “helped” by another CMDR back to my adder
    23. SD_48: I don’t always miss a station, but when i do it’s hutton : )
    24. Renfield1897: Biggest Mistake is obviously listening to a podcast live that is about a dead game, while playing a dead game, and enjoying it
    25. cmdrTerekhov: On my first Palin 5kLy run, I flew out scanning all the way, realised I was flying tired and decided to park up on a planet for the night. I failed to notice the planet was high G. It did not end well. The next morning I realised I had been just 2J short of the 5kLy at the time.


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    2. Loose Screws
  4. Following this we have the latest Galnet News Digest as provided by Cmdr Wotherspoon and Cmdr BeetleJude.
  5. Thanks to those who have chipped in on Twitch chat and in-game commanders
  6. Special Thanks to Cmdr ToCoSo, Jn Tracks and Allen Stroud who created the music used on the Show.

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