Lave Radio Episode 463 “Bashing Bulbous Berry-Blushed Banshee Bollocks” – 24/10/2023

PositionCrew MemberCMDR Name
SRV Banksy Alice TurnipAlice Turnip
Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardEid LeWeise
Staff Liaison OfficerClare GoodPsykit
Chief ArchivistColin FordPhoenix_Dfire
Tech SlothJan ChlupacekPoutnik Santiago

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Development News – what have the devs said this week?

  1. YAY Paul’s back GalNet Round Up – 19 October 3309
  2. Frameshift Live Halloween Special
    1. Max came around to speak about Banshees and cackles delightfully. A true student of the Mistress of Minions! 
    2. Something about 26 days.
    3. A smaller update will be coming towards the end of November. (Guess no update 18, this year).
    4. There will be a Halloween event this week, so watch out!
    5. Someone’s been watching a lot of horror films lately!
  3. Elite Dangerous has been added to the PlayStation plus extra (the PlayStation equivalent to Xbox game pass), so there will be a few new players coming in for the fuel rats to deal with.
  4. Other frontier news. F1 manager 2023 is to be added to Xbox game pass. (Both options could be seen as quick ways to get revenue into fdev)
  5. Lovely little touch. Didn’t notice these before but some of the billboards have started to show the Brookes star tours poster.
  6. Halloween event confirmed for some point tomorrow.

Community news – what is the community up to??

  1. Update 17 Videos galore.
    Impure and Semi Refined Thargoid SPIRE Minerals and how to get them // Elite Dangerous (Ricardos Gaming) (Danger Pencil)
    The absolutely insane Thargoid Spire Platform Challenge (Alec Turner)
    Spire Runner : Update 17 Surface Assault (The Buur Pit)
  2. Next Buckyball race starts this Saturday (Oct 28th) – Prison Brake II (Brake Harder)
  3. Axin squadron (part of the AXI) 5th anniversary by organising SRV Rain event on December 2nd.
  4. DCOH is awesome

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In-Game Events – what’s happened this week?


Store Alert

Store Alert this week has a up to 30% off selected halloween related Decals and Paint jobs

Main discussion

  1. QOTW – What’s your favourite ship in Elite and what is it specifically that makes it your favourite?
    1. Epaphus (Colin)
      Sidewinder, it’s only ship which comes with a flight manual. Not that I read manuals🤣
      Seriously I find it hard to pick a single ship as my favourite as I have favourites depending what I’m doing in game. …
    2. Psykit (Psykit)
      I’ve made no secret of loving the Corvette, I love how ridiculously versatile it is. I think my actual favourite might be the Krait Phantom though, specifically mine with its holistic shields and zero hull, but let’s just keep that between us. 😉
    3. Ben Moss-Woodward (Ben)
      I almost want to say the Krait Mk II just to wind @CaptnBeard up, and to be honest it is a great ship to fly about the bubble in and able to “do anything” However I’m old school so I have to go with the Cobra being my favourite. She is so capable for her cost, and a joy to fly
    4. Alec Turner (Alec)
      A tough question. The ship I always considered “home” was my Python but that was before the Kraits were released. A Krait Mk II became my new home when I went to Colonia and is perhaps better. But my favourite? The Buckyball regulation Cobra Mk III, I LOVE flying that ship!
    5. LCU No Fool Like One (Colin)
      Viper MKIII. It has the steps at the front and can land anywhere fast. This makes it perfect for Exobiology. The fast top speed means you can get to the next sample or get into orbit quickly. You can get a respectable 40ly range out of it. You can even fit a vehicle hanger.
    6. Kaytianna (Psykit)
      Asp X. Specifically my Asp X.
    7. Sally Morgan-Moore (Ben)
      Cobra MkIII
      ‘Cos all the other ships are just pretendin’…
    8. Saphaia (Alec)
      Imperial Cutter.A screenshot I saw while researching made me go: I want that one!
      So I got that one.
      Equipped it for Palin’s 5000ly unlock trip & fell in love with exploration. Exploring in that Cutter is my main activity since.
      (I don’t care about Anaconda meta, don’t @ me. 😝)
    9. Cylus Resi (Colin)
      Realistically it’s the Cobra MK.IV I have 3 of them, it is small pad capable of allowing the selling of rares to settlements, has enough slots to be a decent miner and explorer, just wish I could get more than 30 light years out of it. Also it looks amazing! Fight me!
    10. RangersGSTQ (Psykit)
      The imperial ships are works of beauty. I always loved the clipper but the courier recently has become my shop of choice, how it feels and looks is still breath taking.
    11. CMDR 67 MistakeNot (Ben)
      Cobra Mk III, up until the point I got a Federal Corvette, that ship can do everything, definitely the best ship in the game!
    12. G Hardy (Alec)
      Well I’m an explorer so it has to be the Anaconda – so good it’s even the background on my work PC.
    13. Alex Downes (Colin)
      Krait mk2 nimble as a humming bird and if kitted out right nothing can touch it😉
      Mines called HMS Rodney.
      You may have heard of it😉
    14. CMDR Streya (Psykit)
      Probably the Imperial Courier, it’s just such a fast yet tanky ship. I’ve flown mine to and fro Colonia while it also has the firepower and shields to place Top 25% of bounty hunting CGs, but yet fast enough still to run from Glaives. It is my ArwingJust wish it had a 2nd seat!
    15. Tony (Ben)
      Imperial Cutter.
      Can do most everything in the game well and is spectacular to look at.
    16. coyoteBW (Alec)
      The Python is the definition of “Jack of all trades”. I have one for trading, combat, AX, and exploration. Also, it’s hard to explain, but the cockpit just looks like it’s the most comfortable of all the ships. I own 5 and I have no regrets!
    17. KenDobson (Colin)
      Cobra mk111, as I flew it in the original Elite on the BBC micro
    18. Norm Mac (Psykit)
      The T9, because I love the view from the ship. great for trade and mining.. Also was the only ship I used in VR after finding out VR make me ill.
    19. CMDR Bow Lof Petunias (Ben)
      It’s the DBX for me.  It’s small and agile with a size that means it’s perfect for finding a landing spot on rough terrain.   When engineered it can jump with these best of those bigger lumbering ships.  Finally, it’s a Lakon so it has that classic cockpit canopy profile and view
    20. Pieceterminator (Alec)
      Python, a jack of all trades more or less. Pricing is a bit hefty and it lacks a fighter hangar but it’s a reliable go to when you need something done and don’t want to invest in a new ship on the first occasion. Embrace Python supremacy
    21. CMDR ChirpyVader (Colin)
      Has to be the DBX. It’s the default for anything I need to do because it eats up the miles. I just keep coming back to it.
    22. Greg Rickshaw (Psykit)
      Although it’s been a very long time since I used one, the Cobra MkIII will always be my favourite. It represented the moment the whole game changed for me, when I finally got out of the Sidewinder. I still have my original ‘Triggers Broom’ Cobra parked up and safe.
    23. UltiFerocity (Ben)
      Krait MKII, it is my favorite ship to go thargoid hunting in, and it packs a real punch in terms of firepower with 4 medium modified shard cannons. It also just looks amazing.
    24. Tony DiMaggio (Alec)
      Krait Phantom. Super versatile great jump range. I think it’s the most underrated ship in the game.
    25. MartGamer01 (Colin)
      I largely ignored the DBX starting out, but I recently found myself flying it a lot. Its great for exobio. I dont like spending time in the srv it gives me motion sickness. As such the DBX negates the need for srv due to its ability to land virtually anywhere. So DBX for me.
    26. Tala (Psykit)
      Krait Phantom. I love the way it looks, with the thruster bank on the back, and I love the way it handles. There’s also just something about being in the cockpit of one that feels….right. Like I’m supposed to be there.
    27. Capt Ply (Ben)
      My favorite ship and the only one I have flown in the last 3 years is the Krait Phantom un engineered its the best most fun ship I have flown it carries everything I need
    28. Evan (Alec)
      Gotta be the Chief. I’ve spend the most time in the Annie but I’ve had the most fun in the Cheif.
    29. CMDR Homborger (Colin)
      I really love my hauler the best, and will be exploring in it exclusively once I get to Colonia. It feels like a Reliant Robin and I wish @frontierdev would release a yellow “Trotters Independent Trading Co.” paint job for it.
    30. Nopil3os (Psykit)
      DBX. small, runs cool, jumps far, sturdy, looks the part. and one of the few ships that still forces you to make outfitting compromises
    31. HappyMoonMonkey (Ben)
      Dolphin. Such a happy ship. Will bring a smile to anyone’s face.
    32. Chebs Will (Alec)
      The Adder, It’s a great all rounder that can land at any station or ground base. You can use it for nearly any task equally well 😉 If taxi drivers use them they must be good for a few hundred thousand light years before needing an overhaul.
    33. Cmdr dacamper (Colin)
      Krait Phantom, because it’s so light its jump range is great, it looks awesome, and best of all, it’s very existance in screen shots annoys Arf 🙂
    34. Phoenix_Dfire
    35. Imperial clipper. It’s not the fastest ship, it’s certainly not the most manoeuvreable but it for the looks…

Any other business

  1. Ben – GoFundMe for the Black hut –
    “The Black Hut” is a local community centre where My (Ben’s) kids learn Karate and is in need of repairs to keep open. As well as Karate the Black Hut is other community activities such as the Girl Guides and Slimming World. URL in the show notes or just look for “Black Hut” on Go Fund Me’s search bar.
  2. Colin – Back in the old days, there were two BioWare D&D RPGs which people raved about. One was Baldur’s Gate but the other was Planescape Torment. RevocerGM is producing an audio drama based on the game. It follows the Nameless One as he tries to discover who he is and how to survive in the city of Sigil. See his Patreon for details and the Podcast can be found at


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    3. Shout out to the Pixel Bandits – They’ve been going for 8 years now and still play Elite Dangerous.
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