Lave Radio Episode 415 “There once was a show from Lave” – 1/11/2022

PositionCrew MemberCMDR Name
Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardEid LeWeise
Staff Liaison OfficerClare GoodPsykit
Chief ArchivistColin FordPhoenix_Dfire
SRV BanksieAlec Turner Alec Turner
Tech SlothJan ChlupacekPoutnik Santiago

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Development News – what have the devs said this week?

  1. Discovery Scanner – 31/10/2022 Discovery Scanner – 31/10/2022
  2. Erm, for everyone who wants to feel old : Sunday is the 10th Anniversary of the Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter

In-Game Events – what’s happened this week?

  1. 27th October – Thargoids Raid Nebula Colony
  2. 27th October – Xeno-Peace Project Gathers Support
  3. 28th October – Superpowers Discuss Unified Anti-Xeno Fleet
  4. 31st October – Empire Dismisses Calls for Aegis Return
  6. Number of Star-goids (UIAs) – 8. UIA 3 is only 83 ly away from HIP22460
    1. Cannon UIA Tracker

Store Alert (every second show)

  1. New Pulse Paintjobs for Eagle, Adder & Sidewinder (White, green, blue, purple, red, orange, white)

Main Discussion

What space-based challenges could be added to existing on-foot missions to help make the on-foot and space parts of the game feel more integrated?’

For example : Smuggling (i.e. the illegal delivery missions), there are patrols of security ships that have to be evaded before you get to the base to deliver the package to Mr (or Mrs/Ms) Mcguffin. Obviously these missions would come with a ‘Got to use your own ship’ warning because if you used the Apex, you’d be scanned quite quickly, fail the mission and probably die alongside your Apex pilot (although he deserves if for flying an Adder!!)

  • Ben
    • Repair the Base missions – You could get a wrinkle pitting you up against the faction who wanted the base down trying to stop you en route to the base
    • Assassinate X or Murder Y people – SPACE BASED REVENGE! You killed my mate you bastard! I’m coming for you
  • Alec
    • I guess it works both ways right? So if people have a favourite space based Horizons mission that could benefit from an added on-foot component then that works too right? For me the thing is about making Elite feel less like two separate games and more like a unified whole.
  • Forums

Fundamental game mechanics

  • lose separation between on-foot mats for on-foot gameplay and vice versa?
  • blurring of line between where you get space/on-foot missions rather than current absolute separation? (perhaps bonuses for handing in space based missions directly to their on-foot contact)
  • allow SRV scanning/collection of EDO things (plants, mat’s, etc) and on-foot scanning of EDH things (incl. log scanning and perhaps a different level of outcrop mining)
  • update EDH planetary assets (stations, ports, non-landable ouposts) with EDO assets (npc’s, cutable panels, concourse doors and new interiors)

Mission elements

  • Scanning space wrecks to get location of ground poi and vice versa
  • Space based pursuit of fleeing on-foot targets and npcs pursuing us during beginning/end of on-foot mission
  • Rescue/escort missions which involve on-foot rescuee getting into your ship and being chased in space back to base
  • Passenger/escort missions where passenger has to be taken (and then safely escorted on-foot) to surface poi
    Collect-return/escort missions where the npc them self comes with you to collect item (maybe because contact won’t trust you or because only your npc knows the combination)
  • On-foot evacuation missions where you escort npcs to your ship
  • Do scan the data point (maybe even destroy generator) mission on-foot, sneaking in on-foot to avoid trespass zone issues
  • Obvious chain mission possibilities for mixed ship/on-foot gameplay
  • Using maverick suit to cut open doors for SRV to drive through?


  • huehnerfaust
  • Jack Winter
  • Ceres_O7
  • Caelum Incola
  • Badmiker
  • Richard Bentley
  • Rubbernuke
  • Ian Doncaster
  • zikolach
  • CMDR Is Fat
  • HRDiagram
  • Disemboweled Ego
  • CMDR Rabbit
  • Voidflames

Community Corner

  1. Musketeer archives hex Elite V (that’s Elite rank V in all 6 disciplines)!
  2. LCU has done a parody of a Muse song – Time is running out 
  3. Collaborative CMDR Reading of the logs at Holloway Bioscience Research Facility 15 
  4. Almost 40 years on;- Elite Universe Editor
    The Elite Universe Editor allows you to create your own playable universes in classic BBC Micro Elite. You can run it on the BBC Micro with 6502 Second Processor, on the BBC Master, on modern emulators, or right here in your web browser.
  5. Rock Paper Shotgun Article Elite on BBC has an impressive new editor mod


  1. Limericks
    1. Eid

      A commander from out on the rim
      All hallows held no fear for him
      He flew bravely away
      But they found him next day
      With nothing, but only a limb
    2. Derrin from FD

      I am a Goidy boy
      My love is to destroy
      I kill and dash
      Meatbag pilots are trash
      Sending you to the re-buy brings me joy
    3. Alec Turner

      At a junkyard far far away
      An SRV just wanted to play
      It jumped a ravine
      Feeling like Steve McQueen
      But the landing was more like James May
    4. Cmdr Savenger

      I dropped in on a Black Hole today,
      While exploring and out of the way,
      Sightseeing while out in the black,
      The eye of a Cyclops gazed back,
      So I highwaked my fine Asp away!
    5. Roxy Horror

      There once was a pirate from Lave
      Who preyed on an easier knave.
      He said, “I’ll admit
      I’m a bit of a twit,
      But look at the fuel that I save.”
    6. Orney Bastos

      I was already getting paranoid
      I haven’t found anything so far
      But I detected a bright green stark
      It felt like a new kind of pulsar
      I chased your trail through the void
      To end up interdicted by a thargoid
    7. Revelo

      There was a trucker from Hutton
      Who always flew drunken.
      So when he visited Sol
      Getting banned wasn’t his goal
      Because he threw up all over Hudson.
    8. Bob T

      A costumed Commander was wont to utter,
      I can Trick or Treat through the slot like butter,
      On every one of my trips
      In every one of my Ships
      Except that big honking Cutter!
    9. SirGriswald

      There was a Commander from Lave
      Who thought he was incredibly brave
      So he drank too much brandy
      Ate lots of Halloween candy
      But now he’s in an early grave
    10. LCU No Fool Like One

      There once was an elderly boffin
      Who found an alien coffin
      When he opened the top
      He got quite a shock
      When the alien woke up he shot him
    11. Greybeard Seawolf – WINNER1

      A CMDR who hailed from Tau Ceti
      Fancied a Thargoid named Betty
      A toxic romance
      That hadn’t a chance
      And his ship is now caustic confetti
    12. Peter Longman

      A commander once went on a raid,
      With plasma and laser he played.
      But the base was not right,
      It gave him a fright,
      Because corpses were grossly displayed.
    13. D Meyer – WINNER

      There once was a guy from Woronii
      Who thought the Thargoids were phony.
      Then one Halloween
      He entered the green
      And got sliced up into baloney.

Mostly Clueless

Epaphus (E-pa-phus) – When running away from Thargoids, High wake to another system. This avoids the mass lock factor from from the Thargoid allows for a quicker charge time than jumping to supercruise. (Sorry this info is too late for CMDRs in HIP 22460 on 3308-08-09). This also works for on NPCs/Other players if they interdict you and you need to get away in hurry


  1. The Dex Legacy – The International Confederation : A Dex Legacy Bonus Story, will Premier on Lave Radio next week (08/11/2022) from 20:00.  For more information on The Dex Legacy go to
  1. Our sister station, Hutton Orbital Radio, Broadcasts on Thursdays from 20:30. You can tune in at  or, for just the audio, at
  2. For the discerning Commander who likes a bit of CQC action, check out the CQC Discord at “”.
  3. We’re also giving a shout outs to the following Elite Dangerous podcasts which have appeared over the last year or are standard regular contributors;-
    1. Flight Assist
    2. The Guard Frequency (who do other space games )
    3. Loose Screws
  4. Following this we have the latest Galnet News Digest as provided by Cmdr Wotherspoon and Cmdr BeatleJude.
  5. Thanks to those who have chipped in on Twitch chat and in-game commanders
  6. Special Thanks to Cmdr ToCoSo, Jn Tracks and Allen Stroud who created the music used on the Show.

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