Lave Radio Episode 378 “The Emperor’s Year Long Hangover”  – 15/02/2022

CMDR Esme Wyrd
CMDR Esme Wyrd
PositionCrew MemberCMDR Name
Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardEid LeWeise
Chief ArchivistColin FordPhoenix_Dfire
(in)Human Resources DirectorShanShan
Mack WinstoneMack Winstone
Tech SlothJan ChlupacekPoutnik Santiago

Download the episode directly from here.

Development News – what have the devs said this week?

  1. Arf Big thread – Last wednesday Arf posted this; 
  2. The Valentines Day Hot Fix. – the 4.10.3 patch was released. Que huge debate about what’s a hot-fix and was is a patch It was quite big on my machine, 1.3 GB but as we all know size isn’t everything (Allegedly) 
  3. Job advert. – Fdev did advertise for a game designer role, specifically for Elite Dangerous. Does this mean they want to 
  4. Fdev Target for take over?
    1. “The spree seems set to continue, with more UK firms in the crosshairs. AIM-listed Frontier Developments, whose games include the Jurassic Park franchise, is thought by some to be a target due to its successful gaming IPs and a fall in the share price. The stock is down 34 per cent in six months. Tencent has been mulled as a potential buyer.”

In-Game Events – what’s happened this week?

  1. 9th Feb – Arissa Rescued from Year-Long Captivity
  2. 10th Feb – Colonia Bridge Project Enters Final Phase
  3. 11th Feb – New Thargoid Assaults in Three Systems
  4. 14th Feb – ACT Exposes the Lords of Restoration
  5. 15th Feb – Federation Divided by Hudson’s Proposal
  6. Operation IDA – They have completed Evangelis but are waiting on the next busted station.
  7. AXI – the Three systems targeted for defence are ;-
    1. HIP 12314
    2. Lembass
    3. Coalsack Sector VU-O b6-6
  1. We do have a store alert of the Lunar new year skins and in-cockpit lanterns)

Main discussion

  1. How would we enrich the in game narratives to make it more engaging?

Community Corner

  1. Elite Dangerous Exobiology Ranks Animated – The High Wake
    1. The High Wake explains Exobiology Ranks
  2. Rosencrantz JR (The guy that forced me into an adder for two weeks) has let me know about Commander HeliMeli’s world’s first Cobra MK III Hydra Solo kill at while humble bragging about his ow 1st Hydra Asp Scout Kill. 😉
  3. Ghost Giraffe has returned with a massive 3 hour stream.
  4. The Buckyball Racing Club Presents: Back to Pareco (Magic 8-Ball Championship, Race 1).
  5. Obsidian And has done a review of the nine years of development since the kickstarter was launched.
  6. Thanks to Paul Deckard, Alexander Corben and Karrde for their kind youtube comments.

Any other business

  1. Polaris Dawn (
    1. Jared Isaacman (from the SpaceX Inspiration 4 Mission) is going back to Space again as Part of “Polaris Dawn”. A 5 day mission to
      1. Test new Space X EVA Suits (this will also include the 1st commercial space walk) They are aiming this to be at ~ 500 km
      2. Fly over 1300 km in altitude, deliberately travelling through portions of the Van Allen Belt
      3. Testing Starlink’s Laser based communication network
      4. A variety of medical experiments using themselves as guinea pigs!
  2. Red Dwarf 34 years old TODAY! Smoke Me a Kipper!


  1. Our sister station, Hutton Orbital Radio, Broadcasts on Thursdays from 20:30. You can tune in at  or, for just the audio, at
  2. For the discerning Commander who likes a bit of CQC action, check out the CQC Discord at “”.
  3. We’re also giving a shout outs to the following Elite Dangerous podcasts which have appeared over the last year or are standard regular contributors;-
    1. Algorab AM: An Elite Dangerous Podcast
    2. Black Sky Legion (who also do other space sims as well as ‘RL’ science and tech bits)
    3. Cannon Podcast
    4. For Spanish Speakers there is the Elite Cast 
    5. Fatherhood Podcast
    6. Flight Assist
    7. The Guard Frequency (who do other space sims)
    8. Loose Screws
    9. Squeaking Fuel
    10. System Chat
  4. For those who want a literary discussion about Sci-fi and fantasy books. Please subscribe to the Dataslate podcast created by station commander Allen Stroud. 
  5. Following this we have the latest Galnet News Digest as provided by Cmdr Wotherspoon and Cmdr BeatleJude.
  6. Thanks to those who have chipped in on Twitch chat and in-game commanders
  7. Special Thanks to Cmdr ToCoSo, Jn Tracks and Allen Stroud who created the music used on the Show.

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