Lave Radio Episode 301 “The one After Episode 300” – 14/07/2020

PositionCrew MemberCMDR Name
Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardEid LeWeise
Chief ArchivistColin FordPhoenix_Dfire
Chief Bar StewardGrant WoolcottPsykokow
(in)Human Resources DirectorShanShan
Deputy Trade AttachéSouvSouvarine
Soggy EdMark WinMack Winston
Download the episode directly from here.

Development News – what have the devs said this week?

  1. Fleet Carriers Update – Patch 3
    1. An issue which allowed launching a fighter to restore sub-surface deposits on asteroids was fixed.
    2. A bug with material distribution in overlapping hotspots was fixed and hotspost themselves we rebalanced. Now, the effect that each hotspot has on the base rarity of a commodity has been doubled. To counter this, hotspots of the same type which overlap will be less effective. The aim of thsese changes is to reduce the massive impact of overlapping hotspots while still ensuring they provide a higher yield than non-overlapping hotspots.
    3. Fix Bug about the demand not working properly if there is a BGS State. 

In-Game Events – what’s happened this week?

  1. Turning the wheel
    1. The Dark Wheel won the invasion war in Anyanwu and organized a war of all the other factions in that system which enabled them to leapfrog right into 2nd place. They will be challenging for first (most likely an election this time) by the weekend and are shaping the second expansion (out of 926) now to make sure they end up aiming THAT one toward Lave for phase3.  The project is continuing to grow at an almost scary rate (1400+ discord joiners and more in forum thread who are working it from outside the discord) and not slowing down.  The forum thread is now on PAGE 51… this thing is a MONSTER.

      Within 10 days the Dark Wheel is hoping to expand from Anyanwu and if they get the target system they are working towards that system should be just inside the maximum theoretical range of Sol. They plan to expand once more to get within 10 Ly of Sol and then trigger one more expansion to see if being within 10 Ly and expanding yet again will go INTO Sol. Kai Zen is not banking on it but after it is checked off the list they will be taking The Dark Wheel from Sol to LFT 509 and THAT is where Kai and others believe magic will happen!
  2. 12h update for Rennie Dock – HIP 2843
  3. AXI – Art of War Update.

Main discussion

  1. Normalising Incomes?

Community Corner

  1. Mack takes over from Souv as Chief Ed of SagI – @souv and Mack to take it


  1. Our sister station, Hutton Orbital Radio, Broadcasts on Thursdays from 20:30. You can tune in at or, for just the audio, at
  2. For the discerning Commander who likes a bit of CQC action, check out the CQC Discord at “”.
  3. Thanks to those who have chipped in on Twitch chat and in-game commanders


  1. No download link!
    Can you add one please so I can listen on my way to work! 🙂

  2. Cheers Ben!
    . . . although it will feel wrong when I listen to 301 when I finish listening to 302! Just my OCD, sorry CDO (alphabetical order) 🙂 🙂

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