Lave Radio Episode 179

Wombling Free

Aired 12 Dec 2017
Audio versions

Download the episode directly from here.

Crew Members
Director of Pest Control : Ashley Devine – DrToxic
Head of health and safety : Ben Moss-Woodward – Cmdr Eid LeWeise
Head of Entertainment : Chris Jarvis – Cmdr Thane
Chief Archivist : Colin Ford – Cmdr phoenix_dfire
Chief Bar Steward : Grant Woolcott – Cmdr Psykokow
(In)Human Resources Director : Shan – Cmdr Shanaeri

Show Notes

  • Development News
    • Update 2.4.08
    • Class 3 AX weapons(Multi-cannons and missiles) in game -pew pew
    • Frontier’s Special Effect Live Stream
  • Newsletter 203
  • In Game Events
  • Shoutouts
    • Hailing the crew of the orange sidewinder!I’m doing the London Marathon in 2018 for my charity running club (Coco) so I need to raise £2000. I’ve got various ideas to get there but I also thought I could do a separate joint set of fundraising with SpecialEffect after hearing all about them on LaveRadio.
      I tweeted the following which (by my very limited social media standards!) got loads of retweets and likes:
      @EliteDangerous I’ve won a place in the @LondonMarathon with @TeamCOCO_run , I’m raising money for them and @SpecialEffect at Please can you help me raise £2000?The Virgin Money page splits 50/50 between special effect and Coco. Coco basically help teach or train children in africa so they can improve their situation. The running club is an online one and exists purely to raise money for the main charity. An example of their work:

      I’ve been a fan of the show since about episode 6 (I went back and listened to episodes 1-5!) and usually listen while running. So there is a sort of link there. I started playing Elite in about ’87 on a BBC B and have played many versions from then on. So yes, I’m now over 40 (just!) and a fully qualified forum dad!

      So, I was hoping I could get a shout out on the show? I’m up for doing something more involved if you’d like me to. Surely some other Elite players must be running it too? maybe you can help us get in touch with each other? Or if anyone has any fundraising ideas they’d like to share (I’m already thinking of a gin tasting party). Or maybe we can persuade Grant to take up running to fill his time now his bathroom traumas seem to be easing… (ok, maybe not that last one!)

      Dave / CMDR Hoopy / @hooperdave

    • Elite Yuletube is coming from a group of wonderful Commanders. With three months in the making they are releasing a video everyday starting from December 13th, each following an overall story arch.
    • Lavecon 2018 is 8th – 10th June
    • CQC Discord – For the Discerning Commander who likes a bit of CQC action

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