Activities – An Overview

Lavecon 2016 sponsored by EDTracker

16/17th July, Sedgebrook Hall Hotel, Northants, UK

We are planning to include Board Gaming, Live Roleplay Jugge11542093_10155803197645291_4984065166015883884_nr matches, Cosplay, LAN Computer Gaming, Tabletop Roleplay, X-Wing Miniatures, Readings from Authors, Tournaments, Workshops, Demos and interactive activities, Oculus Rift, Q&A sessions, Talks, Panels, Special Guests and of course Elite DanSedgebrook Lavecon Plan v3gerous!

The full programme can be viewed here, click on the map for a larger version.

We have a lovely lounge where you can relax and play a board game or two, while enjoying complimentary tea or coffee (or if you prefer a drink or two from the bar).

The main room is where all the big talks, panels, readings and Q&As take place and in a side room a green-screen for fabulous photos of you in space! There will be a Lave Radio Podcast and a Panel and Q&A session with the lovely folks from Frontier Developments.  We have some rooms for more detailed discussions, panels & talks.

There is a lovely10713_10155803197630291_7647960297239241767_n room we are calling the Games Room…  despite the fact there are lots of games in the other rooms… here you might find   a Trader or two, room for X-wing miniature games, the Retro Lave corner, Docking Darts Challenge and find out how to play Jugger ( live combat game with swords).

Near to the entrance you will find the Artemis rooms, where we will have two Starship Bridge Simulators so you can have missions head to head against another player group… if you feel b11752502_10155803200220291_4373811194148367892_nrave enough.

We are having a demo room where you can try out a few different pieces of kit including Oculus Rift.

Also the LAN, where you will find Games and tournaments to take part in even if you don’t have your own PC with you.

We also have a number of wonderful guests, especially the team from Frontier Developments.

Mike Brookes (Exec11753704_10155803197800291_5162969900112244205_nutive Producer)
Zac Antonaci (Head of Community)
Edward Lewis (Community Content Manager)

Just Saturday:
Sarah Jane Avory (AI Queen)
Sandro Sammarco (Lead designer)
Dav Stott (Lead Server Developer)
Mark Allen (Senior Programmer)
Tjaart Kruger (Artist)
Mark Thompson (Server Developer)1912187_10155803197860291_178025236059984768_n
Adam Woods (Producer)
Anthony Ross (Programmer, Planet Tech)
Steve Kirby (Lead Designer)
Andrew Barlow (Head of Online)

So feel free to buy then a drink and ask all the questions you always wanted to know about Elite: Dangerous!

11760215_10155803197650291_3237656690616557172_nThere is our wonderful Charity raffle to raise money for two amazing charities; Special Effect and EDS UK. Thank you to everyone who is donating prizes.

And as a side note, if it is all too much and you need a quiet moment (although we do have a designated quiet room) there is the lovely swimming pool, spa and sauna.

If you would like to see what we got up to last year, there are more details here.


Photographs taken at Lavecon 2015 by Official Lavecon Photographer Oliver Facey.



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