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Lavecon 2016 Sponsored by EDTracker
EDTracker is a new, innovative take on head tracking for PC gaming.  EDTrackers are not having a formal table, but contact their staff at the event to get a limited supply of EDTrackers at a discounted price!

2016 trader stands include:

Lavecon Trading stand selling Lavecon/Lave Radio merchandise as well as items from the Frontier store and and individual projects from the Team.
Old Ones

Old Ones Productions produce an exclusive range of t-shirts, prints with a particular focus on the horror and science fiction genres.  They also supply a unique selection of chess sets and provide the official merchandise for the Tau Ceti Mission.

The CCG and Board Game Social are an independent online shop that sells card and board games as well as running events. From single cards to booster boxes, the hard to get to the most popular around, their stock is as eclectic a mix as the individuals they serve.GameCab-logo-solo

Elite Gaming are bringing their Game Cab to Lavecon! Game Cab  takes playing space based games such as Elite Dangerous to a whole new dimension, your own cockpit. Come and try it out.

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More details coming soon ™

Photographs taken at Lavecon 2015 by Official Lavecon Photographer Oliver Facey.


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