Activities – Talks, Panels and Workshops

Main Room

The main room is where all the big talks, panels, readings and Q&As take place and in a side room a green-screen for fabulous photos of you in space!

Activities include:

  • Lave Radio Live (of course)
  • Frontier Developments Panel with Q&A10410270_10155803197890291_99195981331263643_n
  • Retro Lave – a look at the games you loved and grew up with
  • Author Readings
  • Abraka Drabble (competition) – write 100 words and (maybe) win a kindle.  Details and Entry form can be found here.
  • BFS & BFSA – What can they do for you?
  • An Introduction to Roleplay Games and Elite Encounters
  • Dockers Live – an entertaining take on life in a space dock
  • An Introduction to LRP or Why you should be playing Jugger…
  • Charity Raffle – raise some money for good causes and (maybe) win some shiny things!
  • Panel: Phoenix Point

Additional Workshops, talks, panels etc  for 2016  


Radio Theatre Workshop are running a radio theatre workshop…  which is not confusing at all…

Christopher Jarvis (Lave Radio, Escape Velocity) from The Radio Theatre Workshop brings a workshop designed to give an introduction to full-cast audio drama production. The session will begin with volunteers recording roles in a short script and learning live foley (sound effects skills), moving on to editing and post-production and music scoring. Volunteers will (with luck!) have a short audio piece of their own creation to take away at the end of the session! Workshop features at a glance:

* Microphone and recording environment setup10325624_10155803199600291_6890003472370307983_n
* Foley (live prop sound effects) tutorial
* Performance coaching
* Scene editing
* Post-production sound effects
* Soundtrack scoring.

This will be a hands-on session and everybody will get the chance to try their hand at each of the roles.

Planned Talks/Panels:

Panel/Discussion: Gaming: The Next Generation

Talk: Decoding the Naming Schemes of Universal Cartographics

Talk: Gaming Addiction

Discussion: Dead, White Gaming?

More details coming soon ™

Photographs taken at Lavecon 2015 by Official Lavecon Photographer Oliver Facey.

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