Activities – Games to play

We have lots of Games for you to play and try out.

These include:11703126_10155803197575291_5191577233019855272_n

  • Board Gaming – a huge selection of games in our relaxing lounge including Zombiecide, Munchkin and many more.
  • Live Roleplay Jugger matches – Join our volunteer who can show show you how to play this live combat game with swords, take on another team to see who is the victor!
  • LAN Computer Gaming – where you will find Games and tournaments to take part in even if you don’t have your own PC with you11695985_10155803198125291_4286079891536542674_n
  • X-Wing Miniatures Game
  • Oculus Rift (and possibly some other VR experiences)
  • Retro Lave back in time and play the original Elite Game on a BBC B or an Atari ST.
  • Artemis – we will to have two starship bridge simulators so you can have missions head to head against another player group…
  • Collect Ranks in Combat, Exploring and Trading as you go around the event and see if you can become Elite!
  • RPGs – there is a pretty good chance you could have a game of Elite Encounters or other RPGs.
  • Elite Darts Docking Challenge – see if your skills are the best.
  • Special Effect – Eye Gaze Demo – Gaming by eye movement

We have a wonderful volunteer or two who would love to facilitate your game playing, they can help you figure out the rules, GM a game or find a few more people to play a game with you, please don’t hesitate to ask at the Lavecon sign in desk.

Photographs taken at Lavecon 2015 by Official Lavecon Photographer Oliver Facey

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