Lave Radio Episode 135

lave fdl
I put on my vac suit and Remlok

Aired 6 December 2016
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Crew Members
Station Commander : Allen Stroud
Head of health and safety : Ben Moss-Woodward – Cmdr Eid LeWeise
Chief Archivist : Colin Ford – Cmdr phoenix_dfire
Chief Bar Steward : Grant Woolcott – Cmdr Psykokow
Special Guests : John Lunn, Oliver Hulme

Show Notes

  • Development News
    • Q&A Hot Topics Stream
      • 2.2.03 Q&A Livestream notes – Dec 6
      • New Beta 7th Dec for 2.2.03
      • Release in the New Year.
      • Changes to Weapons, Blueprints and a Little updates to Powerplay.
      • Dropping Engineering Cargo after 2.2.3
      • Karma system, pilot federation bounties being considered for Crime and Punishment
      • Combat logging are going to be monitored, you combat log too much that is detected and flag as suspicious behaviour which will hook into the karma system.
      • Problem with the above two items, they need development time, not a quick change.
      • Ed is obsessed with 50ps!
      • Gimbal in main game is about, in CQC it’s 8 degrees for a fixed but only 0.5 of a degree in the main game. Gimbaled ranges from 30 degrees to 22.5 depending on your chosen weapon.
    • Keelback Paint Jobs
      • Military
      • Tactical
      • Vibrant
    • Formidine Rift, the Confluence and Hawkins Gap. Commanders have been working hard to find ‘things’ in these areas.  Things have been found, however nobody knows what’s there because of a bug in the game.  Zac Antonaci has confirmed there are issues and the have a fix ready to go but it needs a client update.  So those cmdrs over 8000 ly from the bubble, don’t approach (spoiler spoiler spoiler)  until the next update. – Formidine Rift – Fix in 2.2.03
  • Newsletter 153
  • Main Discussion
  • Community Corner