Lave Radio Episode 207

Lurg the mighty makes things go BOOM BOOM!

Aired 31 July 2018
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Crew Members
Director of Pest Control : Ashley Devine – DrToxic
Head of health and safety : Ben Moss-Woodward – Cmdr Eid LeWeise
(In)Human Resources Director : Shan – Cmdr Shanaeri
Lavian Space Program Director : Andy Barnes – Cmdr Kurgol

Show Notes

  • Development News
  • In Game Events
    • Ed and Will go Thargoid Hunting
    • Anti Xeno Initiative – We failed completely last week. Both systems are burning. Anti Xeno Command asks all commanders to redouble their efforts, Ignore the Missions from the AEGIS Megaships and just hit the scouts in the systems of Dhanhopi – Plucker Enterprise (199 ls) and Bok – Landsteiner Orbital (931 ls).
      • If Dhanhopi falls, could Alioth be next? It’s only 28Ly away…
    • IDA – (Thanks to Factabulous for these) Summary: Artemis Lodge – completed, Operation IDA has moved, as the figures show, to Kamov. Cavalieri and Eyharts seem also to have reasonable support, with small contributions elsewhere. Parise (in Tembala) has turned up in the figures this week, expect more as the Thargoids continue their success in recent weeks.
    • PvP Fight Night on the Thursday the 2nd of August.
      Where: HR 1183 / Arc’s Faith in OPEN PLAYWhen: August 2nd 7:00 PST

      Allowed Ships:
      Diamondback Scout
      Cobra Mk. III and Mk. IV
      Viper Mk. III and Mk. IV
      Asp Scout
      Imperial Courier

      Outfitting: Can be done anywhere!
      Engineering: Is not a requirement but a HEAVY recommendation, especially hull from Selene Jean
      Guardian Weapons: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
      Buy location: Anywhere!

      Other notes:
      If you would like, you can sit far off to the side in ship with a fighter bay and be a resupply ship.
      You should also prepare to be harassed by xeno sympathizers. They have already heard about this event and they are probably rallying the troops as we speak.

      We may need ships in super cruise to watch out for those nasty Xeno allies and deal with them quickly and kindly. The day will also most likely be a mentoring day for our new commanders.
  • Newsletter 237
  • Main Discussion
    • Relating other games to Elite Dangerous and lessons we can learn
  • Community Corner
    • Piracy Drone by Janne Paulsen (Environment Artist @ Frontier)oh-
    • EDDI 3.0.1 released
      • EDDI is a Windows desktop program that can run either standalone or as a VoiceAttack plug-in. Actions like jumping to a new system, buying and selling commodities, entering a signal source, scanning a celestial object, and many more will trigger voice responses. EDDI uses the journal log and the Frontier companion API to obtain information and track your actions.When used as a VoiceAttack plug-in, the events that EDDI recognizes can be used to generate VA commands. For example, you can have VA automatically stow your landing gear when you undock.
      • 3.0.1 adds a much improved cargo monitor, localization support, and many fixes and improvements.
  • Shoutouts