Lave Radio Episode 349 “Moistly Harness” – 13/07/2021

PositionCrew MemberCMDR Name
Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardEid LeWeise
Staff Liaison OfficerClare GoodPsykit
Chief ArchivistColin FordPhoenix_Dfire
(in)Human Resources DirectorShanShan
Tech MonkeyNorman MacArthurVentura_

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Development News – what have the devs said this week?

  1. Tuesday Supercruise News #40
    1. Latest stream has more dislikes than likes… FD are you listening?
  2. Thursday ANNOUNCEMENT Statement on harassment | Frontier Forums
    1. Discussion Thread – re: Statement on Harassment | Frontier Forums
  3. Monday DB OBE Odyssey Going Forwards

Community Corner

  1. Hawkes Gaming – 💔 The Not so Engoodening of Elite Dangerous Odyssey Review – How I Fell Out of Love
  2. Lavecon Lockdown Challenge Final Results… Community Event / Creation The Buckyball Racing Club presents: The Lavecon Lockdown Challenge | Frontier Forums
  3. Fly Dangerous – by Juki
    1. Yes, racing “exists” in Elite and yes it’s awesome — but accessible it is not.

      This project aims to provide a ground-up reimplementation of a similar-enough flight model to provide a training ground and common set of tools to track leaderboards, ghosts and general tom-foolery. Feedback is extremely welcome!

      Interested in getting involved with the dev process? Come join the discord and yell at me about how wrong I am discuss where we should take this!

      Planned Features
      1. Flight sticks of all shapes and sizes (done!)
      2. Infinite terrain generation (done!)
      3. Freeplay flight, seed generation (done!)
      4. Record + share racetracks
      5. Basic time trial map types
      6. Sprint: 1 start, checkpoints, 1 end (done!)
      7. Laps 1 start block, checkpoints, lap counter
      8. Leaderboards with automatic replay / ghost upload via Steam
      9. Basic Multiplayer
      10. VR Support (done!)
    2. Free
    3. Open Source (written in Unity)
    4. Works on Linux (unsupported) and Windows

    5. Dev Diary (from May) (9) Fly Dangerous Alpha 2: QoL, Linux and Input stuff – YouTube

Noobs Nuggets

  1. From Cmdr Anonymous Via email

    You can filter missions by material or credits, etc. 


  1. From Dextio on the forums

    Greetings Lave Radio!

    I’m a big fan of yours, and listen to your content regularly. Normally, I don’t reach out like this, but recently the CM team has increased their communication/presence in the forums and people are taking advantage of them in a big way (see the patch notes for update 3).

    I was wondering, if possible, can you bring up the topic of “Forum Etiquette” and how to handle this gift of increased communication that the CM team is providing?

    I’d rather not lose it because we are taking advantage of them…
    Thank you…
  2. An open letter to the most excellent Lave Radio,

    Before I start I hope the manner and sentiment in which this is was written comes across, it is always difficult to convey feelings and intention in the written word but my intent is one of good, one of genuine thanks for your time in producing the podcast that I can listen to for free, I want Elite to be a positive experience for all, it is certainly not meant as an attack or in any way meant to devalue anyone’s feelings or opinions.

    I started playing Elite in the mid 80’s on my father’s BBC, I was immediately captivated by it, even then with the limited graphics and locations to visit.

    I didn’t play again (due to life happening) until last year when I purchased an Xbox to play online shooters with furloughed work colleagues during the various lockdowns, I’m now just celebrating reaching my first Elite rank.

    Elite is different from any other game I’ve ever played, I heard someone say it is “ a mile wide and an inch deep”, maybe that depends on your perspective…

    As a new player (on console) I’m astounded by the negativity surrounding the Odyssey release and to be fair the game in general, it may have issues, Odyssey may have been released before ready, it may not tick all of the boxes but here’s my two penneth.
    1. Elite is not an airport,  departures do not need to be announced, if it’s not floating someone’s boat, go and play something else, content providers are (in my view) making the most of this situation, commenting on the games shortfalls and making a big deal of “I’m off to play Star Citizen or No Mans Sky”  because they need to produce something and stay relevant, in actual fact Odyssey may have come at the right time to actually give them something new to talk about.
    2. This will never meet every bodies expectation’s, that is impossible, if it doesn’t meet a particular players expectation, sorry about that but there are other games.
    3. I play on console and to be honest I could moan that the P.C release has actually spoilt my hope for the future of the game without even playing it and how I feel excluded, the negativity surrounding the release of Odyssey has done nothing to make me look forward to the console release however I will pay my money and make my choice, good or bad, as I did when I bought No Mans Sky, which I didn’t particularly like so I don’t play it. 
    4. “It’s a beta”, so what? If someone wants to call it a beta (like most are anyway) call it a beta, if Frontier came out and verified that would it actually make anyone feel any better about playing the game, let’s face it all I hear is “we don’t trust anything Frontier says” so I’m not sure how calling it a beta makes any difference, unless there’s a vital part in the development process I don’t understand, not coming from a tech back ground myself. 
    5. Personally, if this had been the other way round and console players were given the chance to experience an earlier version of the game, I would’ve jumped at the chance and felt privileged to do so. Yes, it may be buggy, but another apology from a top-level representative will not change that, at all.
    6. Has anyone ever thought what would happen if Fdev decided, “we can’t win, let’s take it on the chin and move onto something else”? There’s nothing stopping them doing that…

All of my points/views come from a place of genuine concern and wanting the best game experience as a relatively new player, apparently the game has a ”wonderful community”, well I’m not feeling that love at the moment, now maybe I’m looking in the wrong places (and to be fair, I’ve held off really connecting in game for various reasons) but it seems to me (as an outsider looking in, but very much wanting to take part) that the community is very little more than a hanging mob out for blood (sometimes on a personal level) which by the way is a pretty crappy way to act.

Lave radio was my first third party exposure to the massive beautiful Elite experience and as a new player this is the place I want to come to keep up to date, I want to know about community goals, fads, the latest trends in trading, mission, mining, cool things to see and to do (across all platforms).

I thoroughly value the Lave radio content and look forward to the show, but I have to admit, it has been a little difficult to listen to of late…

There is no other podcast for Elite quite like this and I would love it to focus a little more on the reason we all play it, I mean if people aren’t playing the game at the moment for whatever reason then I’m not sure why they are included in a podcast solely devoted to playing Elite (just saying).

I’m in no way suggesting that Lave radio become a glorified poster boy for the game, but maybe the balance needs to be redressed a little? Some ideas…

  1. Newbs nuggets: It took me ages to find out that you can filter missions by material or credits, etc. a little titbits every week to help and encourage newer players, think of all of the experience you guys/gals have that you could share? I didn’t even know you could drive around a Horizons planet settlement when docked until last week!
  2. Tourist Information: Awesome sites to see be it current or older ones, Guardian Structures, Wreckages or Capital ships, weird planets and stations, mega ships, dredgers and the like, etc.
  3. Some sort of Insider trading? “Panite looks like it’s on the up at the moment”.
  4. Critics corner, a specific place for a good old moan up (in a constructive manner) whilst also making suggestions and offering ideas and alternatives and not just Odyssey focused. 

Things like this only need a minute or 2 but I could really help new players feel more included, after all I hear a lot of talk about player numbers which would indicate to me numbers are important to keep the game relevant, maybe new blood is vital?

I’m just spitballing here and you’d be quite within your rights to tell me to bog off “we like what we do thank you” however your podcast is far superior to any of the others I’ve heard and if I didn’t think it was worth my time to listen to it, I wouldn’t have written this letter.

“…our last best hope for news…located in neutral territory…a shining beacon in space…”

I believe this is still the mission, I will tune in next week, the week after, and the weeks after those.

Peace, Yours Dangerously, Anonymous Commander, o7


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