Lave Radio Episode 311 “Etienne Dorn. snog, marry, avoid” – 6/10/2020

PositionCrew MemberCMDR Name
Head of Health and SafetyBen Moss-WoodwardEid LeWeise
Chief ArchivistColin FordPhoenix_Dfire
(in)Human Resources DirectorShanShan
Deputy Trade AttachéSouvSouvarine
Mack WinstonMack Winston

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Development News – what have the devs said this week?

  1. Polygon Article – New expansion for Elite Dangerous will add tens of thousands of locations to the game

In-Game Events – what’s happened this week?

  1. New Starports Become Operational   
  2. Imperial Crackdown on Marlinists
    1. Good video by Grimshadow showing the local faction’s take on this and the Marlinist agenda –
  3. Liz Ryder War – Following on from Admiral Patrous’s promised crack down;- A New CG has been created. Fight to save Liz Ryder from the Imperials, a special reward of a modified missile rack available to all those in the top 75% or Fight for the Imperials and they promise to take Liz Ryder into custody but keep the engineering base working as is.
  4. Operation IDA – Has completed at least 2 of the damaged stations, with only *** remaining. For more information with helping to Haul, pop over to the Operation IDA Discord

Main discussion

  1. Thursday Dev Diary Stream
    1.  Arf confirmed that we can play ED fully on foot
    2. Luke – Suits are essentially the ship of the odyssey game
      1. Upgrade them
      2. Modify them
      3. Can have > 1 suit
    3. NPC Dialogue options.. Like skyrim
    4. Example Scavenger Mission flow
      1. Can talk to ppl – they may have special knowledge that they care about
      2. We can negotiate with the Mission giver… They offer 10k we can barter it up…
      3. They may or may not accept this depending on Rep, Experience
      4. Can get there via Apex or your ship
      5. Find the wreck
      6. Can use SRV or on Foot
      7. Start rifling around, looking for boxes, containers, bigger containers that need more work, locked containers that need special tools
      8. Head back and hand in the mission
    5. BGS and Odyssey
      1. Same as Current
      2. Have real ppl as reps who we can talk to
    6. No answer on what happens when we die.
    7. NPCs have voice acting
    8. Ody will work with Wings, Multicrew etc
    9. Will all planet ports have the same hubs / modules?
      1. No
    10. there will be “nefarious” missions
    11. We can walk around our Hanger
      1. and it willl be seamless to get to the bases
    12. Oscar Biggs – Assistant Producer
      1. He describes himself as a Time Lord
      2. Works with Character Team
      3. Also works on the Social Spaces
      4. It’s great to see “character” developing in our cmdrs – needed a bit of a culture change to get that
    13. The Social Spaces add a new layer to Odyssey
    14. Mocap in Elite – Yes it’s really interesting lets you really get the weight behind things… Didn’t manage to get Piers in to it!!!
    15. What Mocap Set up
      1. Oscar doesn’t know the suit name
      2. BUT at the moment ppl go to the office and put the suit on
      3. do the animation (keeping socially distant)
    16. Oscar is a big fan of some of the weapon animations
    17. No answer on Emotes
    18. Will there be CQC on foot?
      1.  Yes
    19. NPCs will respond to you differently based on faction status / rep
    20. No comments on Cross Play
    21. Suits WILL have Battery Powered Shields
    22. NPCs do NOT stand on tables

Community Corner

  1. Anti-Xeno-Initiative has started a new server called the Initiative. As there has been no real new Thargoid content since the witch head nebula interstellar initiative last year and the fact there still seems to be an issue with the Thargoid Heart bug; they’ve set up a new discord to keep the community together for other other gamers, such as NMS, SW:Squadrons, Star Citizen etc. Hopefully when there is new thargoid content (and maybe a working heart bug-fix), we’ll see a lot of folks returning.
  2. SagI Issue 29 is coming out on Wednesday 7th October
  3. As far as news from the community… TDW is now pending expansion and this is the one that will take us into Lave…


  1. What Can we do to improve CGs?
    1. Flossy – Have more of them
    2. Paul Wortmeyer Multitask goals that enhance the universe. And or a community goal storyline . Mini story if you will. Aka you need this plant take it to Colonia and convert it to a medical treatment and race it to the station at sag a . Then do it again.
    3. Krisztian Balogh Some type of srv community goal. Would be cool.
    4. Matt Yallop Open only 😂😂
  2. What’s got you excited about Dev Diary 2?

Any Other Business

  1. It can’t be ignored but SW:Squadrons was released last Friday and has taken the Space Sim community by storm. Colin is having real problems with his x52-pro set up as there seems to be a game Hardcoded 20-50% deadzone for that stick, which makes the ships feel like flying through goo, however Ben reports no problems.
    1. How does the combat compare to Elite Dangerous?
    2. How does it compare to CQC?
    3. Anyone up for a Lave Radio squadron?

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