Lave Radio Episode 226: Distant Worlds 2 – Backstop

Hyadum I(Hyadum I 3 a)_00007

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Crew Members

Director of Pest Control : Ashley Devine – Cmdr DrToxic
Head of health and safety : Ben Moss-Woodward – Cmdr Eid LeWeise
Chief Archivist : Colin Ford – Cmdr phoenix_dfire
Chief Bar Steward : Grant Woolcott – Cmdr Psykokow
(In)Human Resources Director : Shan – Cmdr Shanaeri
Lavian Space Program Director : Andy Barnes – Cmdr Kurgol
Deputy Trade Attaché : Souv – Cmdr Souvarine
EIC : Cmdr Mack Winston
Distant Worlds : Cmdr Valen

Development News

In Game Events

  • Summary of Danksgiving Expedition from Mack Winston

Distant Worlds 2

  • Introducing the Distant Worlds 2 expedition.
  • Who is going?
    • As of today, you guys plus 8000 other commanders. 😉
  • Ship builds
  • How long each week
    • About 4500 Ly / 2 hours of travel time for a 40 Ly ship (without stops)
    • The expedition will stop for more than one week near Sag A* for the second CG which will give a good opportunity to catch up if you are behind.
  • Launch times for EU/US/AUS on the 13th/14th
    • 20:00 UTC for Europe (13th Jan)
    • 01:00 UTC for USA (i.e. 5 hours after Europe) (14th Jan)
    • 10:00 UTC Monday for Australia (14th Jan)
  • Next Waypoint announcement
    • Either throughout this week via GalNet or 1 hour prior to the EU departure this weekend.
  • Lave Radio coverage
  • Distant Radio
  • Planned attacks on DW2 Expedition
    • Official policy from the DW2 organisers is that we do not endorse any form of PVP within the DW2 PGs, even for protection. Any combat within the DW2 PGs is strictly limited to PVE combat against NPCs. We cannot control anything that happens outside of the DW2 PGs, so we advise that you use the official PGs if you want to avoid PVP combat:
      • FleetComm (PC)
      • DistantworldsXB (Xbox)
      • Allcrowsareblack (PS4)
    • If attacked by a player, please contact a PG Admin privately and directly with any evidence like screenshots, videos, or player logs if on PC, etc. Please do not do this in public in any form.
    • In the event of destruction within one of the PGs, DO NOT click on rebuy. Instead, submit a support ticket with Frontier Support and state in your ticket that you are a DW2 participant and don’t want moving back to the bubble, and wait for a response. If you chose the rebuy option then FDev will be unable to move you back to where you died.
    • In your ticket also cite the information about Harassment Rules in Private Groups, as well as name the player(s) that attacked you.
    • Please do keep in mind that any support handled by FDev is done on a case by case basis at their discretion.
  • Fleet Defence Force and escorts against NPCs
    • Escorts will officially be handled by Iridum Wing on PC and Xbox, and a separate PS4 escort wing. These will be used for escorting truckers and during the mining CGs near civilised space.
    • The Fleet Defence Force is roleplayed with a story entwined in a mystical and interactive adventure that you can join as part of the Distant Worlds 2 expedition. Rumours are circulating of a bandit raider group spread across the route to Beagle Point. The Primary role of the FDF will be to scupper the plans of the bandits based on five interwoven scenarios as part of an EDRPG story arc.
    • The bandit scenarios will be the only sanctioned PvP events taking place within the expedition and will be carried out using SLF’s and SRV’s under strict guidelines in a controlled instance in a separate FDF PG.
    • You will require a ship capable of carrying an SLF.
    • The first Bandit vs FDF scenario will take place on Saturday 26th January 3305, location and times will follow within the FleetComm discord.
  • Fleet Mechanics in-game practice runs from the 8th-12th JAN on all platforms. For more info visit the Fleet Mechanics channel within the FleetComm discord.

Newsletter 258

Community Corner

  • Distant Worlds reaches more than 8000 Commanders.
  • Anti-Xeno Initiative – The Thargoids attacked Electra placing the system in the Inclusion State. Commanders managed to fend off the Thargoids within 4 days.
  • Operation IDA – They had a Holiday Charity Drive and managed to repair  Asami Orbital, in addition to raising $1100+ for the Direct Aid Charity.
  • Zarek Null Ran the Live Player event of Operation TinMan :- This video presents the final outcome: –  Because Pilots Federation commanders failed to stop Operation:Tinman, there is now a sentient, artificially intelligent cosmic vampire named CMDR SAI-4 inhabiting open-mode. In order to survive, SAI-4 must continually feed on signals emanated from the exploding frameshift drives of Pilots Federation commanders. So if you see this Commander in Open – RUN!!! He/She/It will Attack!


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