Lave Radio Episode 217: Exploring up Teide

Exploring up Teide

Aired 23 October 2018
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Crew Members
Head of health and safety : Ben Moss-Woodward – Cmdr Eid LeWeise
Chief Archivist : Colin Ford – Cmdr phoenix_dfire
Chief Bar Steward : Grant Woolcott – Cmdr Psykokow
(In)Human Resources Director : Shan – Cmdr Shanaeri

Show Notes

  • In Game Events
    • Eagle Eye Intelligence –
      • Three targets this week : Gertrud, HIP 9141 and Nogambe
      • Li Tzicnii attacked this week and the station is on Fire
      • Hydra in Celaeno, also Merope.
      • High level NHSS only spotted in HIP 9141, others have been NHSS 3-6.
      • Locations of the Aegis megaships Acropolis and Vanguard.
      • However, the Anti-Xeno-Initiative have reported that in order to save a system’s station from attack, more Thargoid casualties have to be inflicted than before (over 5000 per system at present count)
    • Operation IDA – Progress continues with Kipling Orbital;-
      • HAUL:
      • Beryllium 29% 279,762 (-7,338)
      • Synthetic Fabrics 53% 110,975 (-19,126)
    • Paladin Consortium need help defending their home system from Yury Grom!
      • Big Pappa has asked me to let everyone know that they’re offering a Free Bag of Popcorn with every fue up at  Big Pappa’s Base in Andhrimi
      • To help go to and let them know you want to help
      • What can people do to help?
        • 1) Pledge to Hudson.
        • 2) Buy Merits in LFT 37 at Onnes or Roetgen Hub. You need to buy them, because waiting 30 minutes won’t allow us to win. We need to buy a lot of them.
        • 3) Look at the station for wing missions asking for high tech commodities (ie: microcontrollers, performance enhancer, Progenitor cells).
        • 4) Fly to LHS 1197 at the high tech station of Chretien Terminal. Give the merits and buy the commodities for the missions.
        • 4 bis) If the commodities are not there, you can find them in Andhrimi next to LFT 37.
        • 5) Finish the missions in LFT 37 and buy more merits.
        • 6) Cycle.
      • Hopefully this is only a thing this PP tick (i.e. till Thursday morning)
  • Newsletter 249
  • Main Discussion
  • Community Corner
    • Truckers up Teide – the In Game Challenge! 11th November
      • We’re hosting one of our Hutton Races again, and it’s on a planet named…. Teide! In the Magec System (It’s actually Teide A). Up a mountain on a volcanic planet as a race for single players and teams,
      • Magec System, planet – Teide A
      • Supported by Alec Turner. From the Buckyball Racing club
    • EDC (Facebook) Competition
      • Ends 25th October
      • Post your finest screenies or artworks and win awesome prizes courtesy of Frontier Developments and EDC.
      • Prizes
        Courtesy of Frontier Developments
        *RARE ‘Frontier Krait MKII Paint Job’
        *Entrepreneur Community Prize Pack+Courtesy Of Jude Walker:
        *A unique, bespoke & hand-drawn artwork. Your CMDR, your ship, your kids a cat, whatever you like 🙂
        +With thanks from EDC:
        *Seeing your image grace the EDC Facebook page, every time you hit refresh!5 * RUNNER UP PRIZES
        Courtesy of Frontier Developments:
        *Entrepreneur Community Prize Pack

        Courtesy of EDC:
        *Lino-print of an Elite Dangerous Ship

    • The East India Company presents: The Danksgiving Expedition, November 3304
      • The citizens of Colonia have been working hard to build their new home, and now it’s time they got a reward, regardless of what Customs might like to think. So with the aid of The East India Company and publicity via Lave Radio, an expedition was put together with the following goals:* Explore the “high route” to Colonia. Away from the well-trodden route via the Colonia Connection, the high route is replete with unexplored neutron stars and far away from Customs patrols, making it just ideal for the long-distance smuggler and highly profitable for the explorers.* Bring the first load of booty – anything intoxicating, but in particular Onionhead and Lavian Brandy for Colonia citizens to enjoy, to resupply Jaques Bar – sneaking it into Jaques Station, past Colonia’s most watchful customs presence…* Be in Colonia just in time for the Q4 Exploration updates! Get a head start on the new exploration mechanics! Get on one of the very last expeditions where “jonking” is still a thing!
      • The expedition begins on Tuesday November 20th, with a loading party at Harvestport, Kappa Fornacis and at Lave Station, Lave. The lead ship will be the Alan Mathison Turing, an Imperial Cutter fit out for long distance smugg…err, trading.
  • Questions
    • Fascinating show, especially the bit about detecting bots by the way they do it. Amazing.One thought. FD say the BGS is a background simulation. It’s not the same a ‘the rules to play by’ (as in chess).The BGS as I see it is an alternative to having a fixed ‘gamey’ set of rules that break the simulation aspect…  It should FEEL random and it should present challenges to live around without FD having to manually alter things weekly.
      People that game the BGS are not living the simulation, they are manipulating it. That’s not ‘simulation’.FD are likely to loosen the predictable links of the BGS in due course, but if as your speaker said, many BGS gamers are being driven away by the BOTS then it occurs to me that such might be it’s purpose……

      If so, expect bots to affect the systems most actively managed. It doesn’t matter if they help or hinder, all it matters is to create the feeling in ‘gamers’ that (this) life cannot be gamed……

      Enjoyed the pod.
      Clwydian (PS4 since you asked…)

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