Lave Radio Episode 123

Guardians Improvments SummaryOooh 2.2 what about you?

Aired 6th September 2016
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Crew Members
Head of Health and safety : Ben Moss-Woodward : Cmdr Eid LeWeise
Head of Entertainment : Chris Jarvis : Cmdr Thane
Head of Station Archives : Colin Ford : Cmdr PheonixDFire
Chief Bar Steward : Grant Woolcott : Cmdr Psykokow
Ambassador : Reinhard Auer : Cmdr Aidan Abacus (UGC)
Bearded Test Subject : Andy Web : Cmdr Galactic Midden

Show Notes

  • Newsletter 140
  • Main Discussion
    • Beyond
      • The Commanders – 2.3
      • ??? – 2.4
      • Season 3
  • Community Corner
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  • Questions
    • From Cmdr Dissington
      As the Exploration CG for Jacques finished 3 weeks early – leaving many cmdrs (I assume – certainly me 😉 ) partway there with a computer full of exploration scans, should Frontier we approaching CG Tiers better? Personally I spent 12-15 hours of game time on my own without a soul about jumping that way, time effectively wasted.
      They obviously got the tiers on this one completely wrong otherwise it’d still be running. In fact I have no idea why they finish when they reach the top tier, just leave them running and don’t increase any of the rewards surely? Especially on a CG 22,000 ly away