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As a little experiment, we’ve recorded the latest GalNet in-game news as an audio news broadcast – we’d love to hear what you think about this and if it’s something you’d like to hear on a regular basis as the plot of Elite: Dangerous gradually unfolds…

Download the episode directly from here.

Chris Jarvis

Chris Jarvis is an audio drama producer and writer. He resides at The Radio Theatre Workshop, producing five of the official Elite: Dangerous books as audio fiction, as well as the unofficial series Escape Velocity. He is one of the hosts of the Lave Radio podcast, the best Elite: Dangerous unofficial podcast. In the past he has written for gaming websites and other publications as a freelance journalist.


  1. Bloody brilliant im actually backing the durius system and i love the fact that its now being read to me now

  2. Really great idea, the news feed in-game is great but sometimes a little dry so having it read aloud in a newscast format really helps sell it I think.

  3. This was awesome!

  4. Excellent idea and great production values! I only wish audio news was an in-game feature! 😀 But will just have to play it manually!

  5. Wow, I just listened to it, this is brilliant! Thank you!

  6. This is fantastic. Would be great to have this to listen to in game.

  7. This is great! Regular newsfeeds will make visiting your podcast mandatory. Great idea and production.

  8. AMAZING – WOW !?!

    If frontier can add a link to your work in the galnet menu of the game it could be incredibly cool.

    I dream about the same but in a video.

    anyway, great work here…

    PS: sorry for my english, it s not my mother tongue.

  9. Thanks, that was awesome and I would like to hear more of it in the future 🙂

  10. Yeah, it’s a fun idea. Alt idea. Make an In universe version of your podcast, discussing ingame events!

  11. Excellent! Been hoping someone would do this for the in-game news. Would love to see this coupled with video and posted to YouTube. I think that would be a great recruiting tool for new players.
    See you in the galaxy!

  12. Brilliant idea and well executed! I’d love to subscribe to this as a podcast!


    yea cool, I have added the pod to voice attack now I just shout” galnet” to hear the news in game


    to add this to voice attack select new command type galnet and instead of key press select other then play a sound then put in directory of your downloaded podcast.

    I have added all kinds of new ingame sounds using this method including the hyperspace jump sound from my old cobra mk 3 from frontier 2 (old school nostalga (had to record 20 seconds of silence then the sample to get the timing just right to sync with the jump)
    ive also got an r2 astro droid who beeps reassuringly after commands such as “galaxie map”
    and chewie howls when I shout punch it!”

  15. Commander Lucasdigital (AKA Mark Lucas)

    Outstanding production quality and utterly convincing news reading from Lisa really bring the news to life. Such a shame that FD doesn’t have the scope to incorporate these into the stations so that they could be played to you when docked.

  16. Fantastic, really brings the news to life!

  17. Loved this, sorry just found your feed but loving it especially this, more please!

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