Lave Radio Episode 79

Its Mayhem in Elite and EGX is coming soon!
Recorded 22nd September 2015
Audio versions

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  1. With regards to the ‘progression’ in CQC, you have to remember that these are no upgrades. The unlocks, be they modules or ships, are sidegrades, they are different but no better. It is quickly obvious when playing a few games of CQC for example that the condor isn’t merely a beginner ship, it is absolutely on par with the others. An eagle or sidewinder wont last long in close combat again a condor for example. If anything, the real beginner ship is the sidewinder, the last ship unlock, as it relies on armor and shields more than agility.

    • I hope you’re right and they are all viable options because otherwise there would soon be a dominant load-out or strategy and everybody would end up flying the same thing. However, whether they’re balanced or not, my problem is that new players don’t have access to all meaningful strategies/options in CQC; which makes it an uneven play-field.

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