Lave Radio Episode 257 – If It’s not got a cow skin, I don’t give a ^$%^! – 27/08/2019

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PositionCrew MemberCMDR Name
Chief ArchivistColin FordPhoenix_Dfire
Chief Bar StewardGrant WoolcottPsykokow
(in)Human Resources DirectorShanShan
Lavian Space Program DirectorAndy BarnesKurgol
Deputy Trade AttachéSouvSouvarine

Greetings, Commanders, and welcome to Episode #257 of Lave Radio. The show about the universe of Elite, and the fantastic community that surrounds it.

If you can’t get in-game you can also join the Twitch chat channel, which you can access through “” and clicking on ‘live chat’; and on “”.

Tonight’s activity in-game

  1. Is Kurgol flying to Maia to see the new Thargoid?

Development News – what have the devs said this week?

In-Game Events – what’s happened this week?


  1. Viper paint jobs.

Main discussion

  1. Fleet Carrier discussion. 
    • Single-player surprise? Like the player freighter in NMS.
    • 500 ly but Refuelled by what? New kind of fuel? Possible skimming from gas giants? Powered by Arx? (Hope not).
    • You can schedule jumps, how often will you be able to? 
    • Who would you allow to dock? (private, friends, squadron?)
    • One carrier per instance and they cannot be destroyed. Can you drive it off’ like other capital ships?
    • What will you use for your personal fleet carrier for?
    • How much should they cost?
    • Rumour has it, they will need to be maintained, and not just fueled.. Thoughts?
    • Refuel, rearm and repair but to get different functions, you have to add the right support ship?
      1. Trade – does this mean you can store commodities there?
      2. Bounty hunting
      3. Exploration
      4. Search and rescue
      5. Piracy? Base for griefers?
      6. Miner
      7. Mercenary
      8. Smuggler
      9. No anti-Xeno though.
    • 4 large pads, 4 medium pads, 4 small pads. Once all the pads have been used, no-one else can dock
    • How big are those support ships? And are support ship and modules the same thing?

Community Corner

  • Best video of the carrier announcement has to be the ‘ghost giraffe’ s drunk Review. 


Someone posted on the ED forum that you guys could use some ideas re:The Grind.

My ED copilots and I have one glaring Grind issue, and that is Raw mats.  The issue is, we are purely combat pilots, and there is only one way to gather Raw mats for engineering, SRV surface prospecting.  None of us want to drive SRVs in circles picking stuff up, yet we have to do so for many hours. It’s really irritating. Miners and Explorers can gain Manufactured/Encoded/Raw mats from their normal tasks and missions. Combat pilots must step away from their normal tasks/missions to get Raw mats. 

The fix is simple.  Add Raw mats as mission reward options, and make NPC Mining/Trading ships drop some Raw mats just like ships drop Manufacture mats. 

The credit grind is gone, now it is just the mat grind.

What Do you think of Fleet Carriers? Have you got idea about the Role you want to do?


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  3. Thanks to those who have chipped in on Twitch chat and in-game commanders

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