Lave Radio Episode 256 – No Elite’s Sky – 20/08/2019

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Development News – what have the devs said this week?

  • Stephen Benedetti posted a response from Ian Dingwall about the latest from Galnet. It appears that we are losing a little content but that is because interstellar Initiatives requires a lot of work. 
  • What was interesting was that even though they’ve just hired a new writer, there is an ‘aggressive production schedule’ which means that things are repositioned. What does everyone think of that? 
  • Fdev is at Gamescom in Germany at the moment. It’s planet zoo’s time but there is an elite meet. 

In-Game Events – what’s happened this week?

  1. Dav did the Background presentation. 
  2. Stephen managed to upgrade his combat rank to Novice on Monday. 
  3. Fdev staff was at Fantasticon last weekend. Nothing was announced but they had many interesting chats with the community. 
  4. There is a photo competition as well. 
  5. People annoyed that they can’t enter the above competition on the forum and so are accusing Fdev of ignoring the forums. 

Main discussion

  1. With NMS being upgraded to beyond this week, how does it compare to ED? Is it ED light? 
  2. Rebel galaxy Outlaw was released as well, this feels also more Elite like but you are following someone else’s narrative I. E. Freelancer, dark star one & X-Rebirth. 
  3. Both of these games have a lot less grind (NMS has reduced theirs). Should Elite do the same? I. E. Reduce travel time somehow? Rebalance credits? 

Community Corner

(thanks to AXI and Gluttony Fang for that) 

  • The folks at Operation Ida are working on Kaiser Terminal – Wayutabal
    • HAUL:
    • Indium 80% 56,383 (-3,360)
    • Gallium 24% 72,294 (-3,658)
    • Copper 29% 23,641 (-0,696)
    • Aluminium 34% 26,180 (-3,920)
    • Synthetic Fabrics 61% 142,568 (-48,423)
    • Overall 321,066 (-60,057)
    • Next Milestone 250,000
    • 24h Total: 99,557
  • Alec Turner’s has the new Hot off the Press Buckyball run in progress at the moment. (in association with SAGi)
  • Sagittarius Eye going quarterly with Issue 25


  1. Shall we put out a community question? Should ED reduce the grind and how? 


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