Lave Radio Episode 208 :- Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet, We’re Hunting Thawgoids!

Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet, We’re Hunting Thawgoids!

Aired 2nd August 2018
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Crew Members
Director of Pest Control : Ashley Devine – DrToxic
Head of Archives : Colin Ford – Cmdr Phoenix_Dfire
Chief Bar Steward : Grant Woolcott – Cmdr Psykokow
Lavian Space Program Director : Andy Barnes – Cmdr Kurgol

Show Notes

      • Development News
        • David Braben interviewed on the Cambridge Independent
        • PC Gamer interviews Dr. Kay Ross from Frontier in The mind-bending science behind the planets of Elite Dangerous
        • Gamescom Event – There is an Elite Meet at games com. In the DLC announced at Gamescom? Thread Ed got on the thread to dampen down expectation. He said they were only going to talk about new content coming in Beyond (Probably 3.2) , so no news about Elite Feet, Space Legs or any paid for DLC this season.
        • PAX West Community Event – We’re headed to PAX West in Seattle and we want to meet up with you to chat, enjoy free food, drinks and even more fun! We can’t wait to see you there! If you;-
          • Are available on Friday, August 31, 2018 from 8PM -12AM PDT;
          • And can make it to our venue at Melrose Market Studios in Seattle…
          • We’d love to invite you to our Frontier Community Meet! Spaces are limited so it will be first come first served!
        • Player Numbers – Brett C made an interesting point over the constant use of Steam Stats :-
          • It feels as if people are using Steam stats as the be-all-end-all argument that “Elite Dangerous is [dieing|dead|abandoned|on the death bed]”.
          • Unfortunately for those folks that are attempting to use Steam’s player count as ammo for the above… Steam stats only paint a very small picture of our actual player counts[b][c].
          • Elite Dangerous was not originally released on and locked to the Steam platform in 2014. It was made with our own client patcher, our own accounts system, our own developed systems. Completely split away from Steam. We do not force people to launch the game through Steam. At last check, players can download Elite Dangerous from Steam, and not have the Steam client running at all while playing Elite.
        • PS4 Issue – Reports of slow downs in the loading screens on the PS4. IF you have this issue Frontier recommends to do a PS4 reset ;-
          • Turn off the PS4 using the Turn off option not Rest mode. (r/
          • Disconnect the power cord from the machine.
          • Wait for 30 seconds and then plug everything back in and turn the power back on.
          • I hope this helps but if you continue to face issues, open a support ticket and we can investigate your connection to see if that may be facing issues.
      • In Game Events
        • Ed and Will go Thargoid Hunting
        • Anti Xeno Initiative – Dhanhopi was attacked this week, Bok was saved. New Targets confirmed as CW Ursae Majoris and Kamadhenu, both have NHSS and wrecked Megaships (useful for interceptors). There are interceptor-grade NHSS in CW Ursae Majoris, only scouts in Kamadhenu. Aegis ships are in both systems – be aware that if the target locations for Thargoid Massacre missions are in other systems they will not count to save the systems.
        • IDA – So, the summer is finally taking its toll. Having rushed Artemis in record time, Kamov Survey in HIP 17892 has been slower to repair. But, slowly and steady the stations is being brough back online. Now, if you’re in the area (or want to visit beautiful Pleiades), please pop by Kamov Survey with a load or two. Some amazing commanders.
      • Newsletter 238
      • Main Discussion
        • Thargoid Scout Hunting
      • Community Corner
      • Shoutouts

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