Special 100th Show tonight – How Do I Listen?

Great question.
There are a number of listening choices for tonight,
Watch it:
Hear It:
https://laveradio.com/live (range of client choices)


Get Involved by joining our chat #lave-radio on Quakenet IRC (can get to this on the chat tab at Laveradio.com/live)
The twitch Chat Channel..

Send messages via our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Laveradio/
or via Twitter

We very much look forward to tonight and having you join us, we will be in game in open around Lave… Join us there

If you want to join our Discord chat then please follow this link https://discord.gg/0nRsNB8ZvEYjpKJI
Or join us on teamspeak laveradio.teamspeak3.com

And remember fly safe, and if you can’t do that… fly dangerous