Lavecon 2015 Merchandise…

We have created some clothing items featuring the Lavecon 2015 Phoenix, which we think all the cool kids will be wearing at the event itself (unless they are dressed as a space pilot, of course… or maybe space pilot on one day and Lavecon T-shirt on the other day… because even space pilots need to wash their jumpsuits once in a while… and maybe a fantasy princess in the bar on Friday…).

We have our exclusive VIP Polo-shirts (not pictured), but these are not for sale and will be waiting for all the Platinum ticket holders at the event (we will email you before the event to get youlavecon_2015_polo_backr T-shirt size!).

We havelavecon_2015_polo the Lavecon 2015 polo-shirt which is available for everyone. We think this is suitable for all genders, but the sizes are aimed at men.




We also have a Lavecon 2015 Ladies T-shirt for ladies that prefer a more fitted look.








Lavecon crew


And finally, but by no means least, we have a Lavecon 2015 Crew Polo-Shirt for our wonderful volunteers. It’s not required wearing for our crew and sadly we can’t buy you all one, but it is available if you would like it.


Let us know if there are other clothing types you would like and we will see what we can do! We could do a black baseball cap with the fiery phoenix on the front, but there is a small set up charge, so let us know if you would like one and we will get it set up.